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Field Extracts Concentrate


This uplifting live resin retains its natural terpene profile for true to form flavor and a high that doesn’t disappoint. You can expect that rare balance where you’re alert yet relaxed. Anxiety and depression have found their match, so be ready to be pulled out of the dumps and see endless silver linings. You’ll instantly feel happy as hell, and a light bout of the munchies may work itself in, so be ready with your favorite snack and movie to ride good vibes all the way to bed.

Ranked 102 of 193 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 102 of 193 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Lemon Chem Live Resin
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Making Lemonade Out Of Lemon Chem

A powerful live resin from Field Extracts highlights the sweet over the sour

IN REVIEW: Field Extracts Lemon Chem is a strong live resin that can be great for productivity and action, giving the everyday humdrum a vibrant boost of positivity. You might say that 64% THC isn’t on the stronger side, but the terpenes preserved in the live resin will make you think again. Use this concentrate whenever you need to lift a bank of brain fog, or center yourself and focus on what’s really important in life. 

Field Extracts Lemon Chem is the sort of live resin you reach for when you’ve been mainly staying indoors for the last month and/or are undergoing an existential crisis. There are only so many ways to clean the house and walk the dog around the block. Pretty soon you start questioning your own sanity. Is this all there is? Is there more out there? Will I ever feel the touch of another human being again? I don't have the answers to those questions, but I did have some Hybrid Lemon Chem Live Resin by Field Extracts and that was just as good.

This all-encompassing high shifted my perception from morose to hopeful in a matter of minutes. 

This concentrate delivered the sort of high that is best described as a cerebral resurrection. After hitting the one month mark of my state-mandated quarantine, I took an inventory and found myself bearded and broken. When I vaped the Lemon Chem and allowed the sweet and sour taste to wind its way into the engine room of my mind, I felt like I was finally seeing some exuberance of life.

This hybrid concentrate was able to pick me up off the proverbial floor and rearrange the mental state I’d been in for the past several hours. The fog of depression rolled out and in its place came a jolt of positivity and desire to turn around a day previously dedicated to self-pity. This live resin is devoid of jitters and anxiety, delivering a potent and energizing high that coaxes you out of your funk and into something resembling action.

The fact that this high made me find my razor and actually shave, and then suit up to go buy groceries, means it scores high marks for productivity. Unfortunately, I was way too high to drive to the actual grocery store, so I just walked to the gas station instead for some Gatorade, peanut butter, and other assorted snacks. Outside on the street, I witnessed some neighborhood adolescents scribbling messages of hope on the sidewalk in chalk. I thought, “How nice,” as I walked around them as they added flowers and hearts to the words, “You got this!”

The resin effectively elevated everyday sounds and smells and gave them a vibrancy that translated into a sense of gratitude. 

As high as I was, I imagined that this message was specifically directed toward me, and that gave me an added pep in my step. In the distance, I could see the snow-capped Santa Monica mountains. I couldn’t remember ever seeing them so clearly—no doubt the result of lower pollution levels lately. That was the first silver lining I identified during an all-encompassing high, that shifted my perception from morose to hopeful in a matter of minutes. As I walked home from the gas station with my bounty, I helped myself to some Cool Ranch Doritos and listened to my favorite true-crime podcast.

The Lemon Chem resin effectively elevated everyday sounds and smells and gave them a vibrancy that translated into a sense of gratitude. With the world figuratively crumbling down all around us, anything that can elicit this state should be put in your emergency survival kit.

When I got home, I video called my wife, who was recovering from a recent surgery in the hospital. This strong THC concentrate was doing much more for me than simply taking my brain offline. It was directing me to the things that matter, like speaking with her, and savoring them in a way that might be difficult on most normal days.

Field Extracts Lemon Chem concentrate really threw a wrench into a day that was headed for darkness. I was surprised it was able to lead me to a place of quiet meditation and forward-thinking. In the immortal words of that scrawled sidewalk message, “You got this!”

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August 11th, 2022
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