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Gold Moon Concentrates Jack Herer Shatter


This Jack Herer Shatter tastes sweet and earthy, but it can dry you out. The head high typically has twice the strength of the body buzz, which is often uplifting and energized. Expect to feel focused but full-on stoned behind the eyes.

Ranked 38 of 109 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 38 of 109 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Jack Herer Shatter
Product Information

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81.4% THC

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Side Effects

Dry Mouth


Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk

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This Jack Does Not Disappoint

With upbeat vibes and a sunny burst of energy, this shatter is just the thing for jam-packed days.

After years of smoking joints and bongs, I now tend to gravitate more towards cannabis concentrates. The more pronounced flavors and immediately potent effects are qualities I’ve come to value with my increasingly busy, time-crunched life. I mean who really has the time to grind flower and roll joints before heading out for the day? With three cats and a job demanding my attention, I sure don't. My latest favorite for rushing out the door or getting pumped up for a workout is the impressive Jack Herer shatter produced by Gold Moon Concentrates. It’s easily one of the most productive and happy highs I’ve ever had.

The smell and flavor were like nothing I'd experienced before.

Jack Herer is a well-known strain for good reason. Named after the legendary cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes (a compilation of information on how to use hemp in textiles and as an alternative fuel source), Jack Herer is a popular strain because of the active, upbeat high it tends to deliver. Gold Moon’s Jack is all that and much, much more. Sitting pretty at 81% THC with a golden yellow hue, this shatter has outstanding bag appeal. Gold Moon goes the extra mile when it comes to extraction with an incredibly unique BHO process. Instead of using heat to remove impurities, Gold Moon uses a cold nitrogen process that preserves more of the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving not only a stable shatter but one with a full spectrum of the plant’s natural compounds. Preserving the plant’s full cannabinoid spectrum creates a more dynamic experience, effectively taking their shatter to an unmatched level. The few terpenes that are lost through extraction are then reintroduced, creating a pungent fragrance you can smell even through the packaging. With all that said, picking this up for my day smoke was an easy choice.

True to form, I spent too much time getting ready for work recently and found myself lacking the time to roll a joint. That’s where Gold Moon’s Jack came in. The smell and flavor were like nothing I'd experienced before. A loud, tropical nose jumped out as soon as I opened the silicon container giving me a preview of the flavor to come. The ultra-smooth vapor was jam-packed with sweet mango flavor, which had my mouth instantly watering. Running out the door to catch a train to work, I began to feel a burst of energy that gave me the extra push I needed to make it to my ride just in time. Once safely on the train, I watched as the passing environment became more enhanced with rich, vivid color. If it wasn’t for work, I could have easily used that energy to do a walking tour of Portland.

A decent-sized dab turned a potentially dull day into a bright and productive shift.

Once I arrived at work about 30 minutes later, the high leveled out from its high-octane energy to a more focused and functional state. Conversation with customers easily flowed as I felt incredibly engaged and focused on the moment. Unfortunately for me, the flow of customers wasn't up to speed with my motivated state so I decided to make myself useful and roll some house joints. Attention to detail accompanied with a focused mental state made easy work of a normally tedious task. A decent-sized dab turned a potentially dull day into a bright and productive shift.

To call this shatter a happy pill would be the perfect way to describe this stimulating experience. The buzzy and positive disposition of Gold Moon's Jack Herer could brighten up even the sourest of moods. I highly recommend this for any activity requiring some extra motivation or just to elevate your mood. Gold Moon is a Portland-based extractor and can be found in a handful of shops in the metro area. On the higher end of quality and with a high 81% THC, I wasn’t surprised to see the $60 price tag. You get what you pay for with Gold Moon, and in my opinion it’s money well spent. A perfect high for a more active lifestyle with flavor unmatched by other shatters, this product is the gold standard of concentrates. 

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