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Oregrown Mendo Breath Caviar


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Mendo Breath Caviar
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79.5% THC

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1g caviar


Step Right Up For Smokeable Gold

Really, is there anything better than high-quality caviar you can smoke?

In today’s cannabis market, the endless abundance of diverse products you can discover never ceases to amaze me. As an avid dabber, I’m constantly on the hunt for good-quality, high-terpene concentrates. It’s hard to do but if you find a concentrate packed full of terpenes, it’ll be well worth the effort, largely because the producers managed to retain the compounds that make herb so delectable. For this reason, I enjoy knowing who produced and farmed the flower the extract came from, and any time I see the name Oregrown on a package, I know whatever is inside is certainly going to bring some heat. The Mendo Breath caviar I tried recently was no exception. In fact, I think I might have stumbled across the Holy Grail of extracts. No big deal, right?

I think I might have stumbled across the Holy Grail of extracts.

Caviar. The name exudes decadence and prestige—and for good reason. For starters, this type of concentrate has the look and texture of, well, orange-gold caviar. Oregrown is a well-known producer and dispensary voted best dispensary three years in a row by Source Weekly, so it makes sense they’d be in a good position to make some of the best extracts on the market. In my experience, their caviar is evidence of this. If you’re in a rush and looking to secure some connoisseur-grade dabs STAT, ditch this review right now and go find a shop that carries Mendo Breath. If you're down to hear all the juicy details, keep reading.

Long weeks filled with stress call for a nice big dab of some chill, pain-crushing THC. Skateboarding has become increasingly tough on my body over the years, which sucks because it’s my main mode of transportation. After a long week of boarding from place to place, my knees are screaming. I decided to give the Mendo Breath a go and holy hell, y’all. Remember that stuff I was saying about terpenes? Man, does this concentrate have them. I was extremely surprised by the ultra-bright lemon notes that immediately jumped out of the jar followed by a sharp, pine tree funk. It was like I’d never smelled before and the new experience was overloading my senses. A large crystalized concentrate rock lay in the middle of a small sea of sugared terpenes and their juices. Truly a sight to behold. I could imagine this being the perfect gift to show the special stoner in your life how much they mean to you.

It was like I’d never smelled before and the new experience was overloading my senses.

Smooth vapor bursting with flavor filled my pallet and rushed into my lungs as I took a smaller than average dab, knowing any more might send me into a weed-induced coma. I tried savoring the complex and rich flavors as much as possible, which was an easy task given my entire pallet was filled with the aftertaste for minutes after I exhaled. The high left my mind clear and euphoric with a deep body buzz that started slowly but sure enough alleviated my aches and pains. On one occasion after dabbing and heading to the park, I sunbathed carelessly for a while, completely engaged and enveloped by the experience. One thing is for sure, this caviar is great for easy-going summer days.

I could also see this Mendo Breath caviar pairing perfectly with a relaxing night in with friends or loved ones. Because it obliterates aches and pains, I can see myself being able to focus more on the people I’m with. This could alternatively make a perfect gift for that awesome stoner in your life because, come on, who doesn’t want caviar that just happens to get you high? The one thing I will say is that this concentrate is probably not a great idea for newbies. You could say that about pretty much all concentrates since they typically pack a bigger punch than flower or vapes. That said, if you’re in the good hands of a dabbing expert or know yourself well enough to plan your day accordingly, I’d say go for it.

I was utterly blown away by the experience.

To say the Mendo Breath caviar impressed me would be a complete understatement. In all honestly, it’s probably one of the best concentrates I’ve tried to date. I was utterly blown away by the experience and will be sure to seek it out next time I’m at a dispensary. From the clarity in appearance to the flavors, aromas, and overall potency, this product truly did it all for me. Oregrown is well known for a reason and if you ever find yourself in Bend, OR, or see the name at your local shop, don’t hesitate to grab some because you will not be disappointed. With no real negatives to speak of other than the usual slightly red eyes and cotton mouth I’ve become accustomed to, this caviar is grade-A stuff. Now the challenge is trying to find something that can come close to it. 

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