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Indica Sauce
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71.34% THC

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1 gram


Take A Breather With Tutti

Get out of your head and find inner peace with Tutti’s Garanimals Sauce.

IN REVIEW: This out-of-this-world indica sauce from Tutti is a deeply relaxing concentrate that can nullify pain and reconnect you to a sense of wonder. The Garanimals strain is a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, and this particular expression comes in at 71% THC and gives off notes of spicy citrus. At times it tasted almost like saltwater taffy, and the sweet and sour notes will have you coming back for more. Expect a premium, potent and deeply calming high that will have you forgetting about what was bothering you in no time.

This is one of those strains that takes your stress and anxiety and crumples it up in a little paper ball and throws it cleanly into the corner wastebasket. The one with the plastic basketball rim. Garanimals Indica Sauce by Tutti is a ‘must-have’ when trying to unwind and regain a sense of balance.

It took me to this ethereal place of calm and lasting tranquility. 

I reached for this concentrate after a long day of working outside in the sweltering heat for a paycheck I consistently find to be inadequate. To make matters worse, I discovered another plumbing leak, and the dog was starting to bark at me because he wanted to go outside. The wife was also eyeing the Dyson catalog again, and I instinctively knew another expensive purchase was on the horizon. As I vaped the Garanimals Sauce, I wanted only to be whisked away to a world that knew nothing of these earthly problems. A place that isn’t judgmental and overflows with love. I found real glimpses of that under the loving caress of this Garanimal Sauce.

It took me to this ethereal place of calm and lasting tranquility. As I wallowed in its euphoria, I could feel in real time that my fucks, the ones I had nurtured throughout the day, were beginning to vanish, one by one. Like grains from an hourglass. What was left was peace.

This is the sort of strain that substitutes nicely for that evening glass (or bottle) of wine. Lots of mental rabbit holes one could go down with this, and it really helps you explore your creative side. I found that I had this overwhelming sense of wanting to create something. In that vein, I got a good amount of writing done, and what started as a total relaxation session soon morphed into accomplishing something more worthwhile and fulfilling.

As an analgesic this also hits the bullseye. I am always on the lookout for something that can dull my chronic shoulder pain, and I was pleasantly surprised by how little mind I paid it when on this sauce. This played a huge role in me being able to sleep so well that night. I could also see this being an efficient post-workout toke, as it’s quite adept at putting the body at ease.

I could also see this being an efficient post-workout toke.

Unless you have the tolerance of a Greek God, I would not vape this before giving a work presentation or participating in a high wire act. This concentrate has the ability to clear out your calendar in one fell swoop. For those who manage to pry themselves off the couch, riches should be showered upon you still. The world came at me through a fisheye lens at times, and I became hypervigilant of my surroundings when I finally took my dog out for a walk. It was as if I could hear birds sing from miles away, or make out the scurrying of caterpillar legs in the grooves of the sidewalk. The air had a sense of fluidity to it that resembled the texture of water, and this high made it seem that I was swimming rather than walking. A great sense of gratitude washed over me, and I was able to enter into a state of mind replete with calm and free from worries.

This was a long-lasting high that turned me into an amiable and joyful person. Not typically my default setting. Garanimals Indica Sauce from Tutti performed its best trick last. At the tail end of this buzz my eyelids bid sweet farewell to terra firma, and it set me adrift on a full night’s cruise of restful sleep. On the whole, I gained a lot of insight from this strain. Most of all, I learned that the Garanimal in me is the Garanimal in you.

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May 17th, 2022
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