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Cresco Me Time Blue Raspberry Gummies


Ranked 160 of 376 in Edibles for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 160 of 376 in Edibles for feeling Relaxed.

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Me Time Blue Raspberry Gummies
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


10mg THC, <2mg CBD





Serving Size

1 gummy

Package Contents/Qty

10 gummies (100mg THC)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life

Best within 1 year of manufacture


Sugar, glucose syrup, pectin. Contains 2% or less of: cannabis oil, sorbitol, potassium citrate, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, carnauba wax, palm oil, blue 1, titanium dioxide

Nutrition Facts
Calories 10
Total Fat 0g (0% DV)
Sodium 0mg (0% DV)
Carbohydrates 2g (1% DV)
Sugars 2g


Cresco’s Friyay & Me Time Win The Weekend

Good News for your sweet tooth, Cresco’s introduced a new line of gummies that are as tasty as they are euphoric.

IN REVIEW: Cresco Labs is one of those brands that does it all, and thankfully they do it right. These edibles might not be the best option for health-conscious cannasseurs, but if you’re looking for cannabis-infused candies and full-bodied effects, look no further. Both their Me Time and Friyay gummies will satiate your sweet tooth, and the 10mgs of THC found in each will help you settle into a moderately heavy high. Reach for their Friyay formula for a punch of mood-boosting euphoria, and their Me Time for reliable relaxation and relief.

A new line of edible gummies from industry leader Cresco packs delicious flavor into each serving. The Watermelon “Friyay” gummy reminds me of my favorite jolly rancher flavor, and together with a pleasing aftertaste, it proves difficult to stop at eating just one. This is why I had two, and got sufficiently high for someone who normally ingests around 10-15mgs worth of THC. These came into my possession at the end of the workweek, and I thought I’d be remiss to not try these on their namesake. It just so happened I got off work early that Friday, so I went bigger than normal and primed myself for a fun kickoff to the weekend.

Every time I closed my eyes, I was travelling inside a vortex made of joy and curiosity.

The 20mgs of “Friyay” started to work its way into my psyche at around the half hour mark. My friend stopped by, and I made us some burgers on my new grill. This is what consists of a wild Friday night for me these days. In all fairness, I wound up making a pretty great burger. Either because I was so focused on the task, or because I was getting increasingly higher and thus more hungry. Some say not to eat a big meal after a hefty edible dose, but since my stomach is built like a steel trap, mostly from drinking massive quantities of Jungle Juice in my college years, I experienced no ill effects. In fact, the entire high was smooth sailing, yet euphorically potent.

Every time I closed my eyes, I really did feel like I was travelling inside a vortex made of joy and curiosity. My buddy and I hung out for a long while on the patio and caught up on old times. The edible brought out the extrovert in me, and we kept each other in stitches for what seemed like hours. This felt like the ideal social lubricant for Friday, or even a Monday or Tuesday if that’s how you like to swing it. If you’re more of a health nut that eschews artificial flavors and food dyes, then you may want to steer clear from what is essentially medicated candy. While there are some more health-oriented gummies using organic or botanical extracts out there, these are not them. That said, the taste and effects are still top notch, and lovers of watermelon or berry (like myself) will not be disappointed.

The “Friyay” high kept me sharp and engaged all night long, with no crash-and-burn feeling towards the end. It was a supremely seamless high that I could also see myself using to tackle projects calling for a keen or creative eye.

The Me Time blue raspberry was like a walk in the clouds that made for some instant shut eye.

The following day I sampled one of the “Me Time” berry-flavored gummies. This also offered 10mgs of THC per serving, and gave off big notes of sour berry that holds its own, in terms of taste, against any gummy (medicated or non). Some light euphoria settled in after only 25 minutes or so. I was looking for something to help get my mind off a stressful morning and recalibrate my brain before bed, and these succeeded in setting me at ease. So much so I wandered out into the cold night air to take an evening dip in the communal townhome jacuzzi. I even brought my dog along, who kept vigil while I sank into the steaming water. It was nothing less than a blissful experience. One that I probably wouldn't have ventured out to do were I not high. As I sat there like a crocodile, with only my eyes peeking out of the water, I took note of a star-filled sky, which is a rarity in these parts. Not a soul was around, and this is what I imagined they were referring to when they called these gummies “Me Time.” A singular experience of deep relaxation, made all the more vibrant and euphoric with the help of this delicious berry-indica gummy. I knew I’d sleep well that night. The Me Time blue raspberry was like a walk in the clouds that made for some instant shut eye.

Each Good News flavor comes in a bag of ten for 100 total milligrams of THC. These edibles offer manageable highs that evoke a good-natured vibe with a focusing and sustained euphoria. Great with friends or by your lonesome, these delicious gummies are sure to help you spread the good news, and leave behind the bad.

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February 8th, 2023
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