Berry 1:1 CBD Jellies


Product Details

10mg THC, 10mg CBD
Berries, Sweet
Serving Size
1 jelly
Sugar, grape juice (water, concentrated grape juice and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)), dextrose, raspberry puree (raspberry, cane sugar), lemon juice, pectin, natural flavoring (propylene glycol, water, ethyl alcohol, N&A flavorings triacetin), citric acid, cannabis extract

Product Description

Journeyman's Berry 1:1 CBD Jellies are sweet, balanced edibles with a gummy texture. They pack an equal punch of THC and CBD, so you can expect a heavy and mellow head high with some light and soothing physical effects. Use this when you need to let go and breathe deep or curl up with a movie before bed.

Effects Profile

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The effect profile of Journeyman Berry 1:1 CBD Jellies is based on 3 user reviews.