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Journeyman Green Apple Weed Tarts


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Green Apple Weed Tarts
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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 tart

Package Contents/Qty

2 tarts, 10 tarts

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life

Best within 1 year of manufacture


Powdered sugar (sugar, cornstarch), dextrose, natural green apple flavoring, coconut oil, malic acid, glucose, gum tragacanth, agar, cannabis extract, artificial color (yellow 5, blue 1)


Tarts To Replace Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

An edible that actually motivates me to get stuff done? Yes please.

Seattle-based edible brand Journeyman is a throwback to ‘70s weed culture—and candy. Their packaging might be a little tacky, but I think that’s the point and I am here for it. Honestly, their Green Apple Weed Tarts could come in an unmarked paper bag and I’d still eat them because they are delicious. They smell like the green SweeTarts I used to get in my Halloween candy hauls as a kid and taste like them, too. Hello, nostalgia.

But unlike the sugar rushes (and crashes) I used to crave as a kid, the high itself was surprisingly focused. As a person who suffers from a debilitating amount of procrastination, I really appreciated the hyper-concentrating benefits. The first time I tested these green apple tarts, I consumed half of the candy (which contain 10mg of THC each) and zipped through my to-do list like a hyperactive child on their ADD meds—minus all the teeth clenching, thankfully. There wasn’t a huge amount of body energy, but I didn’t feel lethargic either. The high lasted about two and a half hours total.

I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t crash or experience a sluggish comedown. 

Sometimes after eating an edible, the rest of the day feels clouded by drowsiness but these tarts managed to avoid that unwelcome side effect. Since I didn’t feel drowsy after taking 5mg of THC, I decided to go all in with a full 10mg dose the second time around, and the effects were pretty similar. Occasionally a high dose—even one that’s sativa-dominant—will leave me with an energy drop after the effects have worn off and all I can do is curl up for a nap. For me, the biggest difference between a 5mg dose and a 10mg dose was how long the high lasted. The higher dose provided a super-focused 4-hour high, and I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t crash or experience a sluggish comedown. The high came on pretty quickly but once it peaked, it stayed fairly consistent throughout the entire experience. Not once did I feel anxious, out of control, or too high to function—all qualities you want to look for in an edible.

This sweet treat is going to be great for anyone looking to power through their to-do list while keeping a relaxed body. As an added benefit, I found these candies pair wonderfully with coffee. Taste-wise, the sour green apple tartness and coffee combo is only slightly better than a toothpaste and coffee combo, but the synergy of the highs was enjoyable. While Journeyman’s Green Apple Tarts weren’t labeled as either indica or sativa-dominant, my guess would be the latter, so you should probably consume these tarts in the daytime versus night. In my experience, it’s rare to come across an edible that doesn’t make me want to ignore work and zone out to the latest Bachelor or Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode. Some days, that’s just what the doctor ordered, but it’s nice to know these tarts are here for me when I want to actually get something done.

It’s nice to know these tarts are here for me when I want to actually get something done.

That said, this product is probably not going to be super enjoyable for the heavy edible user or for those looking for physical pain relief. Journeyman’s Green Apple Weed Tarts didn’t provide me with a strong body high and the first time around, I didn’t feel any body high at all. Then again, I wasn’t in chronic pain either, so it’s a bit hard to gauge.

In case you didn’t know, Journeyman is one of several brands under the Botanica umbrella. Botanica is a newer company founded in Seattle, but it’s since reached markets in Oregon, Arizona, and California. They are also responsible for Mr. Moxey’s mints, which makes sense since Journeyman’s tarts have a similar candy texture and high experience. They are also responsible for Spot edibles, which is kind of surprising since the branding of Mr. Moxey’s and Spot is on another level as far as classy cannabis branding goes.

Branding aside, I would definitely purchase Journeyman’s tarts again. I cannot believe how focused it made me, even at a higher dose. You can bet I will be munching these delicious candies next time I have a deadline crunch or long day of errands. As with all enjoyable edibles, the biggest thing to watch out for is eating too many. They aren’t super strong, but we all have our limits. Like a giant pillowcase full of Halloween candy, you’re better off with a slow and steady approach. 

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