Rocky Mellows


Product Details

10mg THC
Chocolate, Cream, Nutty
Serving Size
1 mellow
Milk chocolate (sugar, whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, natural vanilla) marshmallow(corn syrup, sugar, modified food starch (corn), gelatin, water, dextrose, pure vanilla flavor, tetrasodium pyrophosphate), almonds, coconut oil, salt, cannabis extract

Product Description

Journeyman's Rocky Mellows are chocolate-coated marshmallows with a tendency to soothe. The flavor is pretty phenomenal even if you're not a mallow man, and the high delivers a solid mood boost. You'll likely feel a floaty buzz as it kicks in, leaving you with a small spark of creativity and a dose of brain fog you can zone out to.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

I Punted My PMS With The Help Of These Truffles

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Sep 06, 2019 · 4 min read

Just as I was entering the hellish apex of pre-menstrual symptoms, this rocky road truffle spared me from going down in flames.

IN REVIEW: Those with painful pre-menstrual symptoms—or any chronic pain at all, really—should take note of the pain-relieving powers of these Rocky Mellows by Journeyman. With 10mg of THC in each bonbon, they're better off for more experienced cannabis consumers, but the high is so relaxing, cannabis novices stand to benefit as well. 

I’m an avowed chocolate freak; an equal-opportunity connoisseur of all things cacao, cocoa, and chocolātl (except white chocolate, keep that fake shit away from me). Any stranger with amiable enough hygiene and a genial enough disposition could pop out of an alley and offer me a bit of fancy chocolate and I would eagerly snatch it like the spoiled bonehead that I am. Such is my devotion to this ancestral bean. And the recreational market has only given my obsession new legs.

For example, Journeyman’s Rocky Mellows lit up my palate and then lit up my cannabinoid receptors and the result was so sumptuously stoney that I felt my love of both chocolate and cannabis erupt like a stoney cocoa Krakatoa. One serving of this chocolate marshmallow confection was a pleasure center doubleheader that, for me, a person who resides at the intersection of chocolate freak and varsity stoner, was transcendentally euphoric. And that ain't hyperbole.