Dynamites! Juicy Watermelon



Product Details

5mg THC
Watermelon, Candy
Serving Size
2 heaping spoonfuls
Sugar, lactose (milk), glucose, carbon dioxide, theobromine oil, cannabis, artificial flavor (water, glycerin, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol), artificial color (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Red #40)
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0.34g

Product Description

Junk's Dynamites! Juicy Watermelon are, in essence, cannabis-infused Pop Rocks. These fizzy fruity candies are a straight train to elementary schoolyards and nostalgic Summer vibes, but the taste isn't entirely identical so your tastebuds could be jarred. The soothing body buzz makes this edible a good snack for going out, especially in combination with a cocktail.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

A Nostalgic Treat With Some Sci-Fi Escapism

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Oct 23, 2018 · 5 min read

It's basically everything a kid in a grown up's body could ask for.

One thing I hate about aging is how protective I have to be about my body. I spent a large part of my youth (and let's be real, adulthood, too) pouring candy down my throat like it was gasoline and I was a Hummer driven by a suburban mom. All that sugar adds up and diabetes runs in my family because, honestly, we’re pretty average Americans. Also, I like my teeth and want to keep them, so for most of my 30s I’ve strictly limited my run-ins with corner store bodega candy. When I do find a special occasion to indulge in a shared bag of Lik-M-Aid or a handful of Cherry Bombs, I’m far more likely to enjoy said treats when they are dosed with cannabis. I may not huff daily blunts or chug Lemonheads anymore, but when I can find a way to elevate the vices of my youth to a level more becoming of a grown-ass woman, you can bet I go ham. Adulthood is all about balance y’all.

This medicated reinterpretation is spot-friggin-on.