1:1:1 Tranquility Gummies


Product Details

5mg THC, 5mg CBD, 5mg CBN
Serving Size
1 gummy
Agar, carob, gelatin, glucose, cane sugar, glycerin, citric acid, cannabis oil, natural coloring and flavor, cannabis terpenes, essential oils, and melatonin
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates3g
Dietary Fiber0.1g
Total Sugars2.9g

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Kanha Girl Get Some Sleep?

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Aug 13, 2020 · 5 min read

While these gummies won’t get stellar marks for taste, they’ll at least have you counting sheep in haste.

IN REVIEW: Keep these bright blue gummies in your nightstand for the evenings you need a fast-acting, reliable sleep aid. Each piece packs in 15 total milligrams of cannabinoids to provide an entourage effect that’s ready to kick insomnia to the curb. Expect a high much heavier in your body than your mind, though if you do fight through sleep you’ll soon find that it isn’t a slouch in that department either. Start with one, as going too hard could give you a slight hangover the following morning.

As a cannabis journalist who’s battled insomnia since childhood, it’s safe to say I have a firm grasp on the weed sleep aid market. Over the years, I’ve tried it all. From melatonin vape pens and nighttime edibles to every drip, drop, and pill you can imagine, it’s a pretty mixed bag. Some of them are incredible, even life-changing. Others make you wish you’d picked up Nyquil on the way home.

These gummies from Kanha fall midpoint on this spectrum. For some, they could be life-changing. For others, not so much.

About Kanha

Kanha is a cannabis edibles brand that believes in leading people on a joyful journey with their delicious and discreet gummies. Each plushy piece bursts with unbeatable flavor and provides consistent results, making them perfect for everything from microdosing to melting into the couch. Their variety of flavors and reliable cannabinoid concentrations are available in four states and two countries, and they’re always looking to expand both their product line and reach to provide as many as possible a helping hand no matter what’s on the horizon.