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kikoko Little Helpers Boost Mints


Ranked 107 of 321 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 107 of 321 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Little Helpers Boost Mints
Product Information

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2.5mg THC, 2.5mg THV





Serving Size

1 mint

Package Contents/Qty

20 mints (50mg THC, 50mg THCV

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Yuzu, matcha, coconut, turmeric, black pepper extract, malic acid, polydextrose, xylitol, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, stevia extract, non-hydrogenated palm oil, cannabis extract


Zoom Meetings Have Met Their Minty Match

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost to get you to the finish line.

IN REVIEW: Talk about a boost! If these Coconut Yuzu Boost Mints can get me through a two and half hour Zoom block, they can get you through anything. With a casual 2.5 mg of THC and 2.5 mg THCV in each mint, these uniquely delicious treats offer a euphoric boost that lasts. Whether you’re conquering your workday, need to refresh your mind (or breath) after lunch, or just need a mood reliable boost, make Kikoko your new go-to when you need to see a cumbersome task through.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally don’t mind working from home. I can wear whatever I want, casually stroll to my kitchen when I want a snack, get some laundry done in between meetings, or even work poolside if there isn’t too much going on — but that doesn’t mean it’s all puppies and rainbows. Working from home brought on a new kind of torture: Zoom meetings.

I don’t know what it is about a virtual meeting that is just mind-numbing. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer and I need to be in the zone to focus properly, but whatever the reason is, I’m always looking for a way to improve my attitude when I have a Zoom-heavy day.

Smoking can often derail my day so I usually go the edible route, but even then, so many options are sugary or sweet. So when Kikoko’s Cannabis Infused Botanical Mints came across my path, I was really curious.

I decided these might be the perfect pick-me-up to get me through.

The bright green, poppy packaging described these particular mints as the Boost variety with energizing effects and a coconut yuzu flavor. So far, I was liking everything I read. As I looked at the two-and-a-half-hour block of meetings looming on my calendar that afternoon, I decided these might be the perfect pick-me-up to get me through it all.

I placed the container on my desk so I could pop a few in my mouth after I finished my afternoon tea. When I sipped the last drops and my alarm warned me that my first meeting was a mere ten minutes away, I tossed a couple of the green-colored mints in my mouth.

I have a pretty high tolerance, so when I saw that these had 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg THCV, I trusted that I could handle more than one (but you know yourself so dose appropriately).

With that being said, let’s get to the flavorful punch that these tiny treats pack. I truly don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything quite like this. The yuzu pops through first before bitter base notes take over and a creamy yet minty flavor finishes the whole experience. It was far more complex and interesting than I imagined. When you think of mints, you don’t automatically think that they’re going to be a party in your mouth, but this was a whole dang parade in my mouth.

The minty flavor lingers for just a moment and leaves you feeling awake, present, and refreshed—and I’m not even talking about the effects yet. That was just the taste.

I logged into my first meeting and it was business as usual. My coworker described an upcoming project they’d like me to work on and I politely listened, nodded my head, and smiled into the camera when appropriate. When it ended a few minutes later, I took a big sigh and mentally prepared myself for the next one where I would be presenting some of my work. I had about 10 minutes to spare, so I casually grabbed myself a glass of water and sat back down in my office chair.

The effects were really spot-on for what they described on the packaging.

I logged into the next meeting and my coworker kicked things off. Once she completed her presentation, it was my turn. And a few minutes into reading my work, it hit me like a warm wave of honey: I was high as a kite.

I was laughing way too hard at my own jokes and enjoying myself far too much for the typical Zoom. I got everyone in the meeting giggling with me and I was truly having a fantastic time! The effects were really spot-on for what they described on the packaging. As soon I began to feel them kick in, it was just pure happiness and a boost of energy.

I sailed through the remaining 90 minutes of calls like it was nothing. Overall, this high has a really nice build and an even-keeled letdown. At first, it's super upbeat but present, then it gives way to a more mellow, mindful energy, and finishes with a sense of calm. So by the time I logged off for the day, I just felt ready to unwind and kick back.

Kikoko’s Little Helpers gave me exactly what I needed to get through the Zoom Day from hades—who knew all I needed was just a few mints to turn my day around. I’ll definitely turn to these again (in fact, I already have because I loved them that much) any time my calendar is filled with meetings, as a refresher after lunch, or whenever I simply need a boost. 

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December 7th, 2022
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