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Plus Hash Orange Blossom Gummies - MAC by Biscotti


Hash Orange Blossom Gummies - MAC by Biscotti



Ranked 81 of 321 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 81 of 321 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Hash Orange Blossom Gummies - MAC by Biscotti
Product Information

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10mg THC, 0.25mg CBD





Serving Size

1 gummy

Package Contents/Qty

10 gummies (100mg THC, 2.5mg CBD)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life

Best within 1 year of manufacture


Glucose, Sugar, Distilled Water, Kosher Gelatin, Organic Seville Orange Flavor, Organic Valencia Orange Flavor, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Organic Orange Blossom Flavor, Natural Colors, Cannabis, Edible Glitter


Plus Does It Again With Their Orange Blossom Hash Gummies

Plus and Biscotti come together to deliver an amuse-bouche built purely for R&R.

IN REVIEW: Ahhh sweet relaxation. When you need a little help getting to cloud nine, go for one of Plus’ Orange Blossom Hash Gummies. The juggernaut that was born of a collaboration with Biscotti to bless us with a MAC-infused gummy that packs a punch of sweet citrus flavor. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel uplifted, yet relaxed and creative. So keep this tin in your bag or desk to get a second wind during your workweek, or pop one (or two) on a Saturday or Sunday morning when you have a lot to do. You’ll be humming a song and humming along in no time.

The freedom to truly unwind is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. We all have a lot going on these days—pressure from work, trying to have some kind of social life, remembering to call your Mom, the barrage of tragic news blared across every media outlet, and my own personal favorite, overthinking yourself into oblivion—so making time for joy and rest is a top priority more than ever. One way I treat myself to some much-needed R&R is, you guessed it, weed.

I especially find happiness in getting high with my closest friends, so it was a no-brainer that I recently brought along some of the new Plus x Biscotti Orange Blossom Hash Gummies as a surprise for my girlfriend on our girls’ night in. We had planned a self-care evening filled with face masks, fancy cheeses, bubbly beverages, and the element I was in charge of, herbal enhancements.

We barely had our charcuterie board laid out before we started to get the giggles.

When I arrived at my friend’s house and pulled out this limited edition collab in its sleek black packaging, her eyes lit up with glee. We wasted no time in twisting off the cap and diving into the tiny cubes of sugar-coated goodness. I held the teeny orange-colored cube in my fingers for just a moment, admiring the way the light bounced off the surface, before popping it into my mouth—a mini appetizer if you will.

And that’s where my relaxation really started. I looooove citrus, and while the gummy may have been small, its flavor was mighty delicious. It tasted like a juicy Valencia Orange freshly picked from an orchard, with a crunchy sugar coating that gave it just a little bit of bite. Although there was some bitterness from the hash infusion, it perfectly complemented the citrus flavor rather than fight it.

Infused with MAC by Biscotti, this upbeat strain is marked by its natural, orange-forward flavor (thanks to a zesty little terpene called limonene), so it blended right in with the gummy’s flavor. The bitterness felt more like a bit of zest straight from the rind more than a weedy aftertaste. This was a smart move, but I expect nothing less from Plus—they’re a bunch of smart cookies over there, and they've long been at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis scene.

Perhaps one of their biggest innovations is their signature fast-acting effects. Typically, edibles can take anywhere between one and three hours to kick in, but not these little guys. Everyone is different, but expect to start feeling groovy within 20 to 30 minutes. In our case, we barely had our charcuterie board laid out before we started to get the giggles.

As we sat down in our comfy pajamas and switched on Netflix, my energy had completely shifted from chaotic to on-cloud-nine. Even with a modest 10mg dose, my mind drifted up to its happy place, and I found myself basking with a new sense of play and creativity. It was as if I was in an active state of meditation. Everything seemed new and exciting like I was experiencing it for the first time. I munched on new combinations of cheese, crackers, nuts, and jam, and each one seemed to be more delightful than the last.

The effects were the perfect balance between euphoric and calming.

My body, on the other hand, felt relaxed and at ease. Any tension I had melted away, and I was able to really relax into our evening of self-care. When I slathered a clay mask onto my face and sipped on my sparkling water, I felt like I was in a high-end spa. Only I was high and there was an endless supply of food, so it was even better. The effects were the perfect balance between euphoric and calming.

I was so pleased that this one bite was able to deliver the leisure I needed to fully surrender to my girls’ night in. The blend of happiness and zen got my mind and body right in just a matter of minutes. It only took one bite of citrus deliciousness, and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the night—and I think the same could be said if you enjoyed one of these cuties under the sun.

Plus x Biscotti Orange Blossom Hash Gummies are similar in size to a vitamin, so you might as well get your daily dose of weed first thing in the morning. With their balanced effects, I suggest giving these hash-infused treats a try for a mood boost, making a creative masterpiece, a chill night in, or anytime you just want to feel like you just left the spa. 

Community Reviews

I am super disappointed with this company regarding the OVER THE TOP packaging. Let’s care about our planet.

September 22nd, 2021
Linda Sobel

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