Eat Dirt CBD Delights


Product Details

10mg THC
Orange, Grapefruit, Herbal, Sweet
Serving Size
1 piece
Valencia orange, Grapefruit and celery juice, Anjou pear, Kukoto sugar, Candy cap mushrooms, Pickled red shiso leaves, Cacao, CBD, CBN, and other naturally occurring cannabinoids

Product Description

In collaboration with Dirt (the Toronto-based cannabis lifestyle brand) comes a new next seasonal Delight. A free jazz blend of Valencia orange, Anjou pear, passion fruit, grapefruit and celery juice to balance the acidity from the tropical/citrus fruits. Coated with Rose’s own delicious 'compost' blend: a combination of Kukoto sugar, Mendocino foraged candy cap mushrooms, cacao, activated charcoal, pickled red shiso leaves and Maldon sea salt flakes. Infused with an Electra flower rosin grown by Hudson Hemp and pressed in the Rose kitchen.