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Swifts Edibles Green Tea & Peppermint Mints


Swifts Edibles' Green Tea & Peppermint Mints are refreshing in both their flavor and their high. It's mostly present in the body, providing a soothing buzz that can take the edge off. These discreet treats are ideal for a poolside vacation or recouping after a long and demanding workout.

Ranked 95 of 155 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 95 of 155 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Green Tea & Peppermint Mints
Product Information

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5mg THC





Serving Size

1 mint

Package Contents/Qty

20 mints (100mg THC)

Dietary Labels

Gluten Free
Sugar Free

Side Effects


Shelf Life



Sorbitol, xylito, magnesium stearate, menthol crystals, matcha powder, stevia extract, copper chlorophyllin (natural color) distillate cannabis extract (ethanol)


Paradise In A Mint (Or Two)

These mints took my vacation to a level of bliss I couldn't have achieved without them.

Discreet cannabis consumption is extra important to me, but especially when I go on vacation with my family. My parents know I consume, but my youngest niece and nephew are too young for me to have the weed talk with them just yet. That's why Swifts Edibles’ green tea and peppermint mints were spot on for my recent family vacation. Two mints at 5mg THC each were exactly what I needed to enjoy the effects of an energetic high while soaking up the sun, swimming, and exploring.

The high was mild and mostly in my body, so it was perfect for daytime activities.

Not only were the mints a simple way to enjoy a high without having to smoke, but they also tasted cooling and refreshing. In fact, I couldn't taste weed at all. The flavor was great, especially after I downed multiple cups of coffee to get through some early-morning work (such is the life of a freelance writer). By lunchtime, I was ready to enjoy my day with the added boost of a pleasant, uplifting high. I swam in a ludicrously large pool, jazzercised (can I just add resort group activities are so weird), and hung out with my niece and nephew. The mints made me feel low-key energized and joyful and were the perfect edibles to match my relaxing vacation vibes.

The first full, non-travel day of the trip was stressful in that particular way family vacations can be stressful. Coming on the trip and staying at my parents’ timeshare for free meant helping take care of the kids so my parents didn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Because it was the first day, the kids insisted we had to try everything and see the whole resort, from pool to lazy river to… another pool. That meant I had to juggle entertaining my niece and nephew, ducking back to our room to send the occasional work email, and talking on the phone with my boyfriend because I don’t like going more than a day without hearing his voice. Thankfully, the high was mild and mostly in my body, so it was perfect for daytime activities.

These mints kept me uplifted and collected so I didn't buckle under the stress of being on vacation while still technically working—also entertaining children who don’t fully grasp the concept of remote work. The high was more soothing than distracting, so I was able to stay focused and finish everything I had to do so I could start doing what I wanted to do, AKA napping by the pool.

The trip took me to paradise, but the edibles carried me all the way to bliss.

By the next session, I had already spent an adventurous day at a natural water park that included multiple zip lines, snorkeling, a rope course, and cliff jumping. My old body felt sore and tired after keeping up with my niece and nephew for eight straight hours of activities, but the mints gave me a nice body high that relieved my aching muscles. As it turned out, these mints were more important to pack than ibuprofen. I also appreciate that Swifts’ mints are vegan and sugar-free. I’m no longer a vegan, but I’ve never liked animal products showing up in candies and mints. The fact that it contained no sugar also meant the taste wasn’t overpowered by an artificially sweet, teeth-hurting flavor.

I spent the day lounging by the pool and attempting to read my vacation paperback, but mostly I stared into space and closed my eyes. The weed mints complemented my mellow vibe by helping me relax and enjoy the sunshine. Overall, the green tea and peppermint mints by Swifts Edibles were the perfect product for a vacation that was both active and relaxing, though they particularly paired well with the latter. The trip took me to paradise, but the edibles carried me all the way to bliss.

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