Mixed Berries Lush



Product Details

10mg THC
Berries, Candy
Serving Size
1 jelly
Corn syrup, organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, natural and artificial flavor, refined coconut oil, baking soda, red #40, red #3, blue #1, marijuana extract
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat<1g
Sat Fat<1g
Trans Fat0g

Product Description

Verdelux's Mixed Berries Lush gummies are sweet with creamy flavor notes, almost like chewing on a mixed berry shortcake. The resulting buzz is often uplifting and soothing. It teeters on the line between mild and strong, making for a good binge-watching high. You can get a lot done if you channel it into something, but otherwise, you'll love sinking into the sofa.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

The Goldilocks Of Weed Gummies

Review by Kieryn Wang

Jan 02, 2019 · 5 min read

As someone who's had lukewarm experiences with edibles, these gummies are nothing short of a miracle.

I don’t typically prefer edibles. I’m much more of a joint, bong, and bubbler person. While I’ve never had a bad reaction to an edible—thank goodness—I’m very hesitant to trust them since I’ve had varied results even with adult-use legal products that have clear dosage information and everything in order. In fact, I usually experience the opposite of a bad reaction, as in, I experience a whole lot of nothing. Because of my tolerance, I typically don't feel anything from edibles unless I eat a significantly higher dosage. So an edible really has to stand out for me to consider consuming it more than once. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Verdelux's Lush line of gummies and felt not only a smooth, mellow high, but also an incredibly productive one. I honestly had to try them a few times to confirm this miracle, and now I think I've found my Goldilocks edible.

You can tell right away you’re about to have a nice sugary treat.