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4Hunnid YG OG


In a world of crappy celebrity cannabis collaborations, YG’s OG stands out. This high-potency flower smells sweet, tastes like candy and offers a heady, cerebral high that’ll take you on a ride. It instantly clears any cobwebs and kicks your aches, pains and anxiety to the curb so you can get out of your head—and get shit done. Expect the focus of a Jack Herer with the soothing effects of an OG to help you glide through your day, and get a little bit more out of whatever it is you decide to get into.

Ranked 15 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 15 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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32.52% THC, 0.29% CBD

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YG’s OG Brings The THC

YG’s signature strain delivers a euphoric high that’s perfect for diving into creative endeavors.

IN REVIEW: Rapper YG’s 4HUNNID brand has been selling out of YG OG since it hit shelves. At 32.52% THC, this flower packs a euphoric punch that’s sure to break you out of your rut, and help you power through everything from creative pursuits to the most demanding of to-do lists. And while the high THC levels might seem scary to some, this strain is actually pretty approachable. It might push your limits, but not to the point of going too far. So fire it up and let the gassy, smooth hits lift you to a better place.

YG OG offers a clarity inducing high that gives you the ability to really hone in on any given task. If you’re figuring out a puzzle, this high will methodically get you through it, if you’re out jogging and trying to keep a certain pace, this high matches your frequency, if you’re trying to get creative, YG OG seems to channel inspiration as if from some divine and unending well just outside of our grasp.

My first reaction was complete awe of the vibrancy of everything that surrounded me. 

It was as if this flower just put my body on my desired autopilot level and allowed my mind to roam free. Like the majestic bison of the Western Plains. I went deep with this flower, and it paid off in the form of valuable insight and creative output. Even when you feel like you’re approaching a place of anxiety and jitters, this flower reels you back from the precipice. It seems to know just how far to take things. Like an experienced boxer that teaches with metered jabs instead of wallops. For this reason, it’s a high that can be explored and managed well, and at 32.52% THC, that’s quite a feat.

As far as true indicas go, this flower did seem to lean more in that direction. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t provide ample energy. My first reaction was complete awe of the vibrancy of everything that surrounded me. It had a video game effect to it where I felt like I was just another avatar. For this reason, I’m willing to bet it’s a prime choice for gamers who want to immerse themselves in whatever world they’re playing in.

I was sampling YG’s personal OG strain up in the high desert while attending a family cookout consisting of ATV riding and horseshoes. A real hoedown if you will. The expansive setting was just the place to let my mind wander and touch on possibility after possibility. I got a lot of writing done while lounging under a shady palm tree as havoc ensued all around me. This bud made me Zen in that way. Seemingly impervious to little annoyances. I was somehow on a higher plane in more ways than one. Above the fray may be the best way to describe it. This left my mind wide open, and made creativity all the more accessible.

This left my mind wide open, and made creativity all the more accessible.

That’s not to say I didn’t have any fun with this high because I certainly did. I ground out a few figure eights in the sand with one of the ATVs, and if you haven’t had your terrain shaken up after you’ve smoked a joint of 30+ percent THC weed then go west, and let this all powerful flower meet the soft gravel of the greater Mojave.

When night fell, and the cold crept in and the stars started to illuminate a dark sky, we all gathered around the firepit to trade jokes and usher in an all too rare moment of togetherness. One can appreciate these moments all the more when you’re high enough to synthesize them, and not just gloss over their importance. 

This strain had a way of delivering insight and appreciation, and it had no quit to it. It smells of pine and pepper, and the hits are smooth and satisfying. If you’re a tentative toker, or you’re just getting into the game, don’t let the high THC percentage scare you off. I never felt out of control, overly worried, or groggy at any point. These were positive vibes all the way through. A reassuring and even rejuvenating high that is likely to coax a little bit of greatness out of you. 

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September 27th, 2022
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