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Circles Forbidden Fruit Pre-Ground 14g


Ranked 101 of 308 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 101 of 308 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Forbidden Fruit Pre-Ground 14g
Product Information

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19% THC

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Cherry Pie, Tangie

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Sun Grown


Circles Forbidden Fruit Is a Delicious, Shareable Treat

This pouch is perfect for taking you and your friends on a mental getaway.

IN REVIEW: This is the sort of solid, pre-ground weed you should bring to your friend’s house to have you both flying high in no time. So if you’ve been looking for something social and shareable, stock up. With the ideal blend of tropical flavor and vacation-like effects, Circles Forbidden Fruit Pre-Ground flower is the perfect party favor for your next binge-watching sesh, or even a solo Sunday spent focusing on self-care. And with all of Circle’s products sporting an incredibly approachable price tag, you don’t have to feel guilty about blowing through the whole bag. So pack a bowl, take a puff, repeat.

Sharing is part of cannabis culture. Whether it’s swapping stories around the smoke circle, puff, puff, passing a joint to your friends, or bringing some buds of your own to a party to treat the host, sharing is one of those unspoken rules within the community.

Even when I’m just heading to my best friend’s house, I don’t like to come empty-handed knowing that we’re about to smoke a number of joints throughout the afternoon. We have an almost weekly tradition of watching a handful of favorite shows together as we get high AF. Of course, he would be happy to smoke me out, but what would be the perks of having a friend that works in cannabis if I didn’t share the wealth?

The taste was reminiscent of a fruit cocktail with herbal notes.

So I dug through my latest collection of weed treasures until I discovered a package of Circles Forbidden Fruit Pre-Ground. I was initially drawn to it for two main reasons: First, Forbidden Fruit is one of our favorite strains for a binge-watch session, so that was a no-brainer. Second, I rarely see weed sold with an impressive 14 grams, making it enticingly shareable. With a little more inspection, I discovered that the smooth, fold-over, pocket-like package came complete with rolling papers—now I was completely sold.

I stashed the perfectly portable pouch into my bag, and eagerly walked to my best friend’s apartment. As soon as I rang the doorbell, I pulled out the goods at which he ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ with glee. We both tore the packaging open to revel in its glory before we stuffed our noses inside. What we discovered was a slightly fruity aroma, as though it had wafted from some nearby tropical island. It was like a blend of Fruit Loops and a Pina Colada with an umami finish. As I breathed it in, I immediately pictured myself kicked back on a hammock and knew I was in for a treat.

We grabbed some papers, rolled our own personal joints, cheers-ed, and sparked up. We both smoked a few puffs in silence as we enjoyed the smooth draws. Much like the aroma, the taste was reminiscent of a fruit cocktail with herbal notes to round out the flavor. It was an enjoyable joint from start to finish.

We put our joints out at almost the same moment, and giggled at our harmony. As he queued up our first show, Top Chef on Bravo, we both sunk a little deeper into the couch, feeling a deep sense of relaxation. The tension from around my eyes and shoulders began to fade away as I let the soft cushions carry my entire body weight. Even though I was watching sweaty chefs hustle around a kitchen on the screen, my body felt as though I had just arrived at a luxe spa.

My mind was taking a mini-vacation as well—no worries burdened my brain, and my thoughts simply floated in and floated out of my consciousness as if on a fluffy cloud of calm. I also found that my mood was uplifted, and a lazy smile stayed stamped across my face. While Forbidden Fruit has the reputation of being a pretty heavy indica-leaning hybrid, the lower potency of this particular pheno struck the perfect balance between relaxing yet present.

My thoughts simply floated in and floated out of my consciousness as if on a fluffy cloud of calm.

When the first episode of Top Chef came to a close, we were both still pleasantly high, but some munchies had inevitably begun to creep in. My friend peeled himself from the couch to make some popcorn while I packed the bong with more Circles Forbidden Fruit for our next show (Law and Order: SVU, naturally). As we continued our binge-watching marathon, we casually rolled up in between each show without a harsh comedown or getting completely knocked out.

Circles Forbidden Fruit perfectly matched our lazy energy with solid body relaxation and mild euphoria. Its satisfyingly tropical taste and smooth smokes topped off the experience. While I can see myself toting this bag of weed to my friend’s house on the regular, I can also picture myself trying this weed for a self-care sesh at home, to relieve minor aches and pains, or before a long flight to ensure a smooth ride. Overall, I loved the shareable vibe of this weed, and I can’t wait to see what else Circles has up their sleeve. 

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July 27th, 2021
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