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Claybourne Co. Afghani Bullrider


Ranked 5 of 10 in Flowers for feeling .

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Ranked 5 of 10 in Flowers for feeling .

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Afghani Bullrider
Product Information

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25.2% THC

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Afghani Kush

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Let Go And Let Afghani Bullrider Take The Reins

Claybourne Co.’s Afghani Bullrider provides a reliable ride of relief.

IN REVIEW: If you’re looking to unwind from head to toe, look no further than Claybourne Co.’s Afghani Bullrider. Get lost in the sweet and sour terpene profile, the gorgeous green buds with long orange hairs, and its refreshingly balanced flavor. After a few puffs of this expertly grown weed, you'll find your tension melting away as your body relaxes into a puddle of relief. Best for couch crashing, playing video games, and relieving stress, this strain will quickly become your new nighttime go-to.

When you smoke as much weed as I do, a lot of strains start to smell and taste the same. You crack open a jar and you go, “yeah, that smells like weed,” and sometimes it’s incredibly hard to pick out any identifying factors. But every now and then, I’m pleasantly surprised. Claybourne Co.’s Afghani Bullrider was one of those miraculous moments.

A heavy diesel aroma with a punch of sugary sweetness. Think gas-covered beignet.

I whipped these buds out to help me wind down for the evening, and I was instantly smacked in the nose with an old-school, heavy diesel aroma with a punch of sugary sweetness. Think gas-covered beignet. It instantly caught my attention, and I was curious. And while it might not sound appetizing, trust me, it was.

I examined the nugs like a mad cannabis scientist. They had a rich, forest green color with long orange hairs poking out from beneath the tiny green leaves. Each bud was covered in just enough sparkly trichomes that it looked like a fresh layer of dew over a pine tree in the morning. It was as pleasant to look at as it was to smell.

I quickly rolled myself a joint to relax on the couch and unplug for the evening. I gingerly took a few draws, enjoying the terpene-rich flavor. The taste was a lovely balance of sweet and sour—there was also a sharp hoppy taste full of juicy grapefruit, and a whisper of piney freshness on the backend. It was almost like I was walking through a pine forest, sipping on a citrusy IPA. Refreshing yet relaxing.

With each tasty inhalation (or sip if you will), I felt any tension melt away from head to toe. It was as though my muscles had turned into butter as they softened around my bones. It felt so comforting and cozy, it wasn’t long before I was completely couch-locked—but somehow still focused and present. Although my body had fallen into this deep state of relaxation, my mind was ready for some stimulation.

I decided some video games would be the perfect match for my current chilled-out mood. I lazily reached for my Nintendo Switch, and heard the familiar tune of my latest obsession: Animal Crossing. The adorable, poppy intro music uplifted my mind and forced a dopey, stoney smile to creep across my face.

For the next hour or so, I got totally lost in my little pretend town. In the real world, I may have been sprawled out on the couch with a blanket around me, but in the virtual world, I was running around digging up fossils, catching bugs, chatting it up with my friendly neighbors, and even swimming in the ocean—discovering new varieties of jellyfish. It was candy for my brain, and I was eating it up.

My eyes drooped shut, and I fell into a peaceful slumber before I could count to ten.

When I had successfully accomplished everything I could do in my make-believe town, I turned off the game and snuggled into the ultra-soft fleece blanket wrapped around me. My mind was beginning to catch up with the relief my body felt, and I was starting to get a little sleepy. I peeled myself off the couch while I still had the energy to do so, and started my bedtime routine. As I washed my face and layered on the moisturizers, I felt utterly at peace. I got into bed, did some quick reflective journaling, and felt the weight of my body sink into my pillows. My eyes drooped shut, and I fell into a peaceful slumber before I could count to ten.

Overall, I felt that Claybourne Co.’s Afghani Bullrider offered such a pleasant wave of relief wrapped in a deliciously terpy package. I can still smell its gas-forward aroma in my nostrils and its tart yet refreshing taste lingering over my palate. The effects were exactly what I needed to unwind for the night without immediately making me sleepy. Instead, I just slowly unraveled from relaxed and chill to reflective and ready for some ZZZ’s. Which is to say, you should add this strain to your nighttime routine for when you want to sink into your sofa and ease into a restful night of sleep

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February 5th, 2023
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