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Claybourne Co. Champagne Wedding Power Pack


This is a fairly unique offering of an eighth of premium flower and a gram of kief in a single package. Use this to choose your own adventure, and mix and match your doses that can go from mild to sending you through the Milky Way. Going light will produce a solid social buzz perfect for hanging with friends, but you can load up the kief for a substantial and calming kick if you so choose. Read Luca’s experience with it below, which was smooth and satisfying from start to finish.

Ranked 304 of 491 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 304 of 491 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Champagne Wedding Power Pack
Product Information

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18.52% THC

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3.5g flower, 1g kief



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The Wedding Party’s After Party

A bubbleless champagne that will still get you lifted

IN REVIEW: This power pack is a one-stop shop to take your shindig to the next level. Offering this in a groomsman’s or bridesmaid’s gift would make anyone more than happy (and high). The flower isn’t too powerful, but the kief more than makes up for it. So find your golden ratio and lean into the powerful euphoria that fades to a happy and relaxed state. 

The thought of a Champagne Wedding Power Pack elicits visions of tuxedo-clad strongmen juggling bottles of Dom Perignon and bench pressing the bridal party for good measure. In reality, it’s an indica joy bomb disguised in small nugs of cannabis that come with their own celebratory kief confetti. This was a supremely smooth and enjoyable ride from start to finish. You don’t even need to be getting hitched to enjoy it. You could be a curmudgeonly old spinster who regularly shoos kids off your lawn and watches C-Span in 4K. This bud is built for bringing out the inner wonder in us all.

At 18.52% THC, one gets the initial impression they will encounter a very pedestrian high. Something that doesn’t necessarily pack the wallop, if that’s what you’re accustomed to. Fear not. The accompanying kief really catapults this experience into a cacophony of euphoria and unbound happiness. It asks important questions of you like, “Are you ready to enter the Funderdome?”

Being that I’m on Day 88 of this worldwide quarantine, my horizons are increasingly in need of broadening. What I really wanted was a relaxing high that would help me unwind after a long run and knocking out some work around the house. The Champagne Wedding flower did just that, but it also acted as a Trojan Horse to some powerful euphoria. It turned a humdrum evening into a suburban dreamscape—and I was all in.

I thought I’d go old school and put on some rainforest sounds to prepare myself for some deep relaxation. I then made myself some tea, lit some of my wife’s candles, and entered a deep meditative state…for about 4 minutes, until my wife came upstairs and asked why I was burning that specific candle. Apparently she was saving it for some special occasion. I then started to get self-conscious and decided to just watch old episodes of Quantum Leap instead. As I was surfing through the Hulus, Primes, and Netflix’s of the world, I started to feel incredibly high and just lost track of what it was that I was supposed to do.

My wife suggested I finish installing the patio light, but I didn’t like the sound of that. Instead, I took out my TheraCane and began massaging my back with it. It is essentially a two-foot treble clef made of hard plastic, and it really gets in there. At any rate, I felt my endorphins kick into hyperdrive and I could feel my hand grabbing the metaphysical top rung of relaxation. The window was open, the cool night air blew across my newly shaved head and my SmartTV screen saver was on my favorite city. True, the candle I was enjoying was no longer lit, and I couldn’t find Quantum Leap, but what I did find was more important than any of those things. It was peace. A deep well of peace that was neither intoxicating nor sedating. It was freeing and I wanted to share it with the world. So I FaceTimed my old college friend from New York, who as luck would have it, was also high.

We then got the bright idea to get a Zoom meeting going with a couple of other college friends, and before you know it, the band was back together. We were all high, having fun and trading old jokes, and for about an hour it was almost as if we weren’t stuck in some dystopian nightmare. Instead, we were transported back to a simpler time filled with mirth and marijuana. No discussion of the pandemic was had. We just resorted back to fart jokes and forgotten memories of youthful transgressions.

Perhaps the greatest trait of this cannabis is how connected it makes you feel. It’s one of the few indicas I’ve tried that would be great for social gatherings, be it an actual wedding or a ragtag Zoom hangout. The kief ensures that your senses will be heightened and the high will be long-lasting. By the third hour, I finally felt the indica properties taking hold, and my deep relaxation turned into a peaceful slumber.

The Champagne Wedding Power Pack by Claybourne Co. is an all-encompassing high that could be enjoyed day or night. Whether you want to maximize your alone time or reach out and share with others this flower will abide, like any good wedding planner would.

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February 5th, 2023
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