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Cookies Bundt Cake


Ranked 82 of 265 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 82 of 265 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Bundt Cake
Product Information

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27% THC, <1% CBD

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Wedding Cake, Unknown

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Blissed Out On Bundt Cake

This premium flower was grown indoors, and that’s exactly where it’ll keep you.

IN REVIEW: Cookies has been putting out fan-favorite flower for some time, and you can definitely add this to their list of hits. This indica-leaning flower was loved by the PCC for its heavy-handed, anxiety-killing effects. Coming in at 27% THC, expect a happy high that offers full-body relaxation ready to soothe you before ultimately leaving you couch-locked. Be sure to only reach for this after finishing your daily to-do list, and those new to cannabis should tread lightly.

About a month before the pandemic hit, Feb 27th to be exact, I decided to stop drinking and doing drugs, besides psychedelics and weed, of course. This proved to be both beneficial and super gnarly, given what was to come. Sans substances like wine, Xanax, and the occasional bumpski to keep things interesting, I had to rely on myself to fill up the silence.

Five months into the pandemonium, and I’ve never been more productive, or happier. But with the pros of my sober-esque lifestyle, there are also cons. Namely, I’ve never smoked so much fucking weed in my life. Because getting stoned is my only outlet, my tolerance has shot through the roof. Back in my raging pre-pandemic days, a single bong hit in the morning would hold me through lunch. Now, I’m taking three dabs before noon.

As my weed intake reached a flurried apex of vapor clouds, joint crutches, and spilled bong water, I was beginning to feel weed alone was no longer getting me high. Then, Cookies Bundt Cake Flower rolled into life, with a high so potent, so euphoric, it reminded me that flower alone is good enough after all.

Other scents that came to mind I jotted in the notes: Big Sur, hot man, and forest truck stop.

The day I tried Cookies’ Bundt Cake for the first time, it was my day off, meaning instead of sitting around my house writing on my computer, I was sitting around my house getting as high as fuck. As a cannabis journalist, brands send me a TON of weed products, so my stash is out of control. I stared at the giant bookcase full of products. Fifty milligram THC pills, thirty different types of extracts, every edible imaginable… nothing felt right.

That is until I pulled out the black anonymous bag filled with a few nugs of flower I was to rate that day. Popping it open, the first thing that struck me was the smell. A fruity blend of pine, diesel, and coffee cake radiated from the bag. I took a couple more whiffs. Other scents that came to mind I jotted in the notes: Big Sur, hot man, and forest truck stop.

Enticed by this masculine and lightly intoxicating smell, I packed and took a small rip out of a big bong, and went for it. The taste was similar to the smell, with more of a focus on a sweet, spiced, kind of berry flavor than its evergreen smell. Some notes I made on the taste were: roasted coffee, spiced cider, charcuterie, holidays, and of course, bundt cake.

By the time I sat the bong safely on my mirrored coffee table I’m always terrified of shattering, the ultimate zonked out euphoria of the Cookies Bundt Cake strain had already begun to commence. Something about Cookies weed just hits differently. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I get why people are so crazy about the brand.

As I’m sure most of you know, Cookies is a Bay Area weed brand by the original rap/weed crossover mogul, Berner. What started as a black market operation supplying fellow rappers with Girl Scout Cookies has become an actual cannabis empire, home to some of the best strains in existence. Famous for their hype-beast style marketing, where strain drops feel akin to merch drops at Supreme or other hot streetwear brands, Cookies delivers, every time.

I lost track of time as it became a construct and slipped out the window without my noticing.

A cross between Wedding Cake and an unknown, albeit VERY heavy-hitting indica, Bundt Cake is no exception. Within minutes, a super heavy head and body high had me locked into another dimension where it was better to be horizontal, and nothing really mattered. I felt totally blissed out and stripped of ambition to do anything but lay around for the rest of the day.

This highly euphoric, spacey, head in the stars vibe lasted for about an hour, maybe two. I lost track of time as it became a construct and slipped out the window without my noticing. Then, without warning, I became super, super sleepy. It was as if something was pulling me deeper into the couch. Despite trying to fight it by sitting up, shaking my head, and even splashing some cold water on my face, I eventually succumbed to the ultimate euphoria and faded into an involuntary nap that lasted a little over an hour. When I woke, the sun had begun to set. I felt well-rested, bright, and deeply relaxed. More than anything, I was thankful I found a flower potent enough to get me high again.

Bottom line: this flower is great for winding down, finding an ultimate state of euphoria, then letting it carry you into a restful place that may or may not result in sleep. I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from anxiety but does not have any work they need to get done that day. I can’t stress this enough: this strain is not the kind of flower that helps you get your work done! Anything you have to do, do it first so you can enjoy this luxurious ride to the fullest. 

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April 12th, 2021
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