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Cream of the Crop Champagne Skies Omura Sticks


Ranked 339 of 399 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 339 of 399 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Champagne Skies Omura Sticks
Product Information

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25.66% THC, <2% CBD

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12-stick pack


Dutch Treat, The Vintage

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Champagne Skies, High-Octane Highs

Omura has teamed up with artisanal growers to offer a stylish vaporizer, premium flower and clean effects.

IN REVIEW: The Omura device gives you a novel, precise and doseable way to vaporize flower. Their sustainable Flowersticks are packed with premium, whole flower to provide a reliable and repeatable method of consuming cannabis. This sativa-dominant hybrid from Cream of the Crop yields potent effects and a boost of energy perfect for kickstarting your day. The vaporizer is as chic as it is consistent, and by collaborating with a number of growers offering a variety of strains, you can easily find the one that fits your lifestyle. 

Working long days with lots to do, sometimes you just need a pick me up. Maybe you’ve hit your threshold of coffee for the day, and you just need a boost that won't make you jittery. Be it a bowl, joint, or something new altogether, cannabis has got you covered.

When it reaches the optimal temperature, be ready because you only have three minutes to indulge.

There’s this new product (to me at least) out there, Omura, that seemed to fit the bill. It’s a full-flower vaporizer that uses small biodegradable and compostable paper tubes to deliver your high. Each is filled with a precise amount of already ground flower that’s then heated until vaporized without ever combusting. As they put it, “The precise dose and heat curve unlocks all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to work in harmony by creating the entourage effect.”

Press the button, let it heat up, and get ready to get high. Each session lasts about three minutes, and while I was curious if this would be enough, it was the perfect amount for a single session. They’ve created a product that’s convenient and perfect for an on-the-go smoke sesh. Omura and several flower brands have teamed up to collaborate with this new tech, and the flower I tried was from Cream of the Crop Garden. If you haven't heard of COTC, they’re from California, and they pride themselves on having some of the highest quality flower around, with THC between 25-32%. Their goal is to offer, “Unmatched flavor and a clean, smooth finish. Designed specifically with the cannabis connoisseur in mind.” Well doesn’t that sound lovely?

I had the pleasure of trying their stellar flower: Champagne Skies. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of a cross between The Vintage and Dutch Treat to offer an uplifting, anxiety-free experience and clear effects.

I needed a little boost to clean my house because let's face it, it was the last thing on my to do list. I opened up this child-proof case and was instantly surrounded by an earthy aroma. It was a little hard to smell the true potency of the flower due to it being in the paper tube, but I got enough of a whiff to know it was something special. I started up the Omura device, which does get a little warm to the touch, and once it starts going you can start to smell it heating up the flower. When it reaches the optimal temperature, be ready because you only have three minutes to indulge.

It was a very smooth intake, but all I really got was the taste of the heated paper tube, and the aftertaste lingered for quite some time.

I took my first hit and wasn't sure if it was working. Omura states that the optimal temperature should create a smokeless experience to avoid combustion and the release of harsh chemicals that come with higher temps, so don’t expect to see any smoke. To be honest, I think it should have an adjustable heating feature, as I personally thought it got a bit too hot. As I tried to savor the taste of the flower, I couldn’t really find the terpenes I was stoked to enjoy. I’m always down for a tart, piney, herbaceous experience, but I wasn’t finding that here. It was a very smooth intake, but all I really got was the taste of the heated paper tube, and the aftertaste lingered for quite some time. I was semi bummed because this vaporizer is such a rad idea. It is a miss for me, but I still held out hope for the forthcoming effects, and they were more up my alley.

I started to clean my house, and all of a sudden I was super stoned. It came on pretty quick. It felt like a rush of energy, really heavy in the head, and maybe a little too much right away. This strain gave me a rather long headache that I couldn’t break until the next day, but I did get my house cleaned, so I was stoked on that aspect. I typically smoke sativa-dominant hybrids to stay on track, but unfortunately, this might not have been the one for me. It was just too intense for my personal taste. I would suggest this strain for someone who is maybe not a morning person, or really needs a strong pick me up. It would be good for study sessions, getting shit done, and putting some pep in your step. Overall I think this could be a really rad experience, and is a great idea, but I just couldn't really taste the flower. Omura offers a convenient, no mess smoke sesh that you can just straight-up dive into and indulge. So while this strain may not have worked for me, the overall experience left me intrigued enough to search for the one that does. 

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April 12th, 2021
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