Roll Ups - Sativa Pre-Ground Flower


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15% THC

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Roll Up And Roll Out

Review by Luca Belloiu

Apr 02, 2021 · 4 min read

Deli’s Roll-Ups make getting high & cooking with cannabis more convenient than ever.

IN REVIEW: A lot of pre-ground flower on the market can be pretty schwagy, but not Deli’s Roll-Ups. From easy pinching and packing to making cannabutter a more streamlined process, each pouch will make anyone lacking a complete smoking setup’s life a whole lot easier. This sativa option comes with a citrus bouquet that packs a hefty euphoric punch, and they also offer Hybrid and Indica strains to help you choose your high hassle-free. No matter your preferred formula, each comes with rolling papers and crutches to make this a true all-in-one product.

Deli Roll-Ups from Caliva provides you with a heaping half-ounce of sativa flower that’s pre-ground for easy joint rolling. They were even kind enough to include their branded rolling papers and crutches to help facilitate the process. If joints aren’t your thing, it’s an easy pinch straight into your favorite bowl. Convenience is king with this pre-ground bud.

This high instilled me with momentum and drive, 

This high instilled me with momentum and drive, Opening the pouch, I was hit with an immediate whiff of citrus that translated nicely to the taste of this sativa flower. I found it to be smooth hitting and a pleasure to smoke. The aftertaste was similarly flavorful and mild. My impression of the Deli pre-ground flower is that it worked well in dispelling two myths about marijuana. The first being that THC percentage is somehow tied to how high you will get. At 15% THC, this bud got me far more roasted than many twenty fivers I’ve smoked. Secondly, the idea that most pre-ground flower on the market is a stem-filled graveyard of bottom-shelf brick weed. I didn’t get that vibe at all here. This is a quality high that exudes maximum joy, with a sense of purposeful energy to boot.

I decided to roll up about a gram’s worth before setting off on a new hiking trail I had my eye on. It’d just rained, so I was looking forward to getting high and taking in the clear blue skies and cool weather. There was no harshness to this smoke, and it burned like a champ. Before long I was alone on a secluded trail, heading for higher altitude in both senses of the word.

This high instilled me with momentum and drive, and I found myself skipping up the trail, not unlike the glorious gazelles of the Serengeti. I set my strides to the synchrotronic melody of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me,” and I allowed myself to fall into a blissful flow state amongst the chaparral and prickly pears. I’d transcended the stressed out husk of a man that was me just prior to smoking this Deli joint, and quickly felt more content than I had all day. I was unfazed by all the mud I’d seemed to be trekking through, and even had fun slipping and sliding around at times. This was a high devoted to losing oneself and not taking things so seriously. Perfect for those who are anxiety-prone—but adventure obsessed.

It helped take me away from the everyday aggravations of life.

I saved a few hits of this joint for when I reached the summit, and it was well worth it. I was rewarded with a 360-degree panoramic view of the Conejo Valley that was only heightened by this energetic and euphoric high. It’s rare that I have the time to just have a seat and take it all in, but this was one of those moments. People get high in beautiful settings for a reason, and this flower helped remind me why. 

More than anything, it helped take me away from the everyday aggravations of life and bring me to a more profound place of appreciation. For those seeking some inspiration or respite from the grind, this pre-ground flower should help you get there. Speaking of flying, this high had little quit in it. After I absorbed the grandeur of the day and the distant snow-capped mountains, it was time to pull out the big guns. By big guns, I’m referring to my custom playlist of mostly 90’s hip hop that would provide the soundtrack to me running back down the winding hill.

This was a fun high with no sense of brain fog or jitters. I did get a minor headache once I got back home, but it managed to dissipate as the day went on. Deli’s Roll-Ups have become my official trail running bud. A hit or two of this will keep you on track better than most fitness apps, making a half-ounce of this joy maker a solid bang for your buck.