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Glass House Farms Super Silver Haze


Super Silver Haze by Glass House Farms is a sativa flower with a serious head high. The productivity this strain can provide should help you plow through tasks and to-dos, but it's smooth, clean smoke tempts you to hit it again, and that can be overdoing it. The body high should deliver a delightful buzz, but too much of this can leave you dried out and paranoid.

Ranked 53 of 373 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 53 of 373 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Super Silver Haze
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22.0% THC, 0.13% CBD

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Dry Eyes
Stuffed Up

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Northern Lights, Haze, Skunk No. 1

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To-Do Lists Are No Match For This Super Silver Haze

Just two small hits was all it took to organize my room and get some spring cleaning in.

When kissed by a lighter flame, the fuzzy white trichomes of Glass House Farms’ Super Silver Haze flower burst with the most delightful hiss, giving an abrupt, but elating head rush. High-THC strains like this sativa-dominant bud can sometimes overwhelm people, but for people who are borderline ADHD like myself, it can provide a certain kind of focus.

There’s limited research to support this, but many people with active attention spans can sometimes rein in their focus with a sativa-dominant blend. I feel like I’m one of those people and this Haze was exactly what I needed to rearrange my room and get some spring cleaning in. Just two small hits was all it took. What’s also great about this strain is that it seems to reliably wear off after about 90 minutes. This makes it easier to plan around if I don’t want to be high later. And if I do, it’s a simple redose. Taking an extra amount (smoking a whole bowl to myself) made me tingly all over, giving me a lot of energy, but when I was done and ready to catch up on Westworld, it didn’t keep me on edge.

This herb could be good for band practice—like, if you want to be a little lucid but still able to play a G chord.

Glass House Farms’ Super Silver Haze had gorgeous, reddish-brown hairs on a backdrop of frosty green. The beauty of a good nug really reminds you that you’re literally smoking flowers. How poetic is that? I’ve trained myself a little to be able to pick out some strain genetics by smell alone and I could tell this was definitely a high-energy sativa. I thought it could be a good Sour Diesel—it has that tart, earthy tang to it. Faint pine, a little bitter, maybe even a little like hops, one of the active ingredients in beer. (Fun fact to pull out in your next joint circle: Both cannabis and hops are related species of plants.)

This herb could be good for band practice—like, if you want to be a little lucid but still able to play a G chord. It’s good for bumping hip hop and sorting boxes or some other tasks that require a lot of organizing. It also seems like it’d be as good for gaming binges as it would be for taking a hike. It is packed with energy and leaves you feeling calm, clear, and soothed all over. It gave me a short spell of dry mouth once, but only once, and was certainly appetite stimulating. Don’t try this weed on an empty stomach—or do, and be prepared to want to eat half your fridge. For people who have trouble with appetite, this Haze could be ideal. My advice? Eat a solid meal beforehand if you’re hoping to get shit done beyond inhaling everything in sight.

During one session, I drank a beer or two. Even though I do it more often than I’d like to admit, mixing alcohol and weed is not something I’d recommend. And if you do, you want to be careful not to overdo it. In this case, the Haze blended well with the booze, giving me a balanced buzz. So if you’re the type to light up at a low-key house party or BBQ, this might just be the flower for you.

If you’re the type to light up at a low-key house party or BBQ, this might just be the flower for you.

But the best part of this strain was probably the mindfulness it encouraged. If you’re one to talk out your day aloud to yourself in the shower (not that I know anything about that), then this strain will help you sort your different problems into easy-to-solve piles. As the buzz began to slowly recede, the vibe was perfect for some meditation and journaling. Really, it’s not often that you come across such a strain that so flawlessly bursts the myth that smoking pot makes you stupid, lazy, or not care about your problems. This Super Silver Haze is nothing if not a workhorse strain.

Some people like myself can work on assignments or clean while high, but others can’t. That said, a good strain can make all the difference. So many times, I’ve smoked a bowl hoping it’d clear my head only to have it leave me feeling too relaxed and mellow to get shit done. I end up browsing Reddit for two hours until I snap back into clarity and wonder what I’ve been doing. I never have that issue with strains that are adequately balanced and lean slightly more toward the sativa side. Glass House Farms’ Super Silver Haze is one of those strains that’ll help you crush your to-do list and feel pretty great about it, too. 

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November 27th, 2020
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