Lazy Lightning


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22.3% THC
Earthy, Citrus

Product Description

Good Brands' Lazy Lightning is a sun-grown hybrid flower with an earthy citrus flavor. This bud should leave you with an unwinding high that occasionally stimulates arousal. Pack this for a dinner date or some calming alone time. The high is cozy and best spent on a vacation day.

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Expert Review

With This Flower, Lightning Strikes Twice

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Jul 30, 2019 · 4 min read

With this balanced ratio of relaxation and focus, I can get all the work done.

Since legality opened the door for those struggling with ailments to replace harmful pharmaceuticals with different forms of pot, canna-products marketed towards adult professionals have flooded the market. Most focus on either lifting you up to work or bringing you down to unwind. And, while just about all of them will get you high, few are capable of actually overcoming the working stoner’s one true nemesis: procrastination.

While anxiety melts away, productivity blooms.

As a cannabis journalist, I spend most of my days testing, rating, and writing about different weed products. While it sounds fun (it is!), it can be hard to stay focused when you’re on your third bong rip of an indica strain at 9:30am. In order to get anything done, it becomes imperative for me to separate the products that bolster creativity and improve work ethic from those that induce involuntary napping during Seinfeld.

Hybrid strains, I’ve found, are the most effective in the professional arena, offering a balanced high that caters to workplace woes. While anxiety melts away, productivity blooms. Like a perfect pair of snakeskin boots or the little black dress you paid too much for, a great hybrid can help me transition from busy days at the office to blurry nights at the bar without skipping a beat. And while my exhaustive search for the perfect work weed has yielded many fine specimens over the years, few compare to the whimsical, capable high of Good Flower’s Lazy Lightning.

Good Flower, launched in 2018 by Canndescent (California’s top-selling flower brand of 2017), has seen massive success, with the brand outselling Canndescent itself in its inaugural year. In lieu of the marketing frills and products of the future, their secret to success is a simple one. Good Flower provides high quality, sun-grown cannabis at a price point most people can afford, presented in a way novice consumers can understand.

Though already familiar with the brand, my first encounter with Lazy Lightning occurred on a cloudy morning in late spring. Per usual, I was hungover and depressed. My phone read past noon. The sky was grey and the room was cold. Staring down the barrel of two deadlines before dusk, anxiety swirled, poisoning my stomach and mind.

“I should smoke some weed,” I thought, per usual. Sifting through the bag of products I’d yet to rate, a jar of bright, crunchy nugs caught my eye. Aromatic notes of citrus and pine usually associated with sativas shocked my senses awake before rounding out to the floral, earthy finish of an indica. Intrigued, I read the label. “Lazy Lightning,” I thought. “Epic name.”

Two hits later, I’d risen from the dead. The flower tasted exactly how it smelled and felt that way, too. Scintillating bursts of citrus and pine screamed sativa before mellowing into the floral, dank flavors of an indica. A happy high hit me in waves. At first, I felt intensely whimsical and euphoric, laughing out loud at my dog, who was rolling around the bed. My hangover was replaced with excitement, my anxiety with a deep feeling of buoyancy. Just as I thought about turning on the TV or checking my Instagram feed, a new energy coursed through my spirit, jolting me into the day.

This mellow strain of moderately priced flower not only helped me focus, but made focusing fun.

Having abandoned my initial plan of spending eight hours horizontal and sad, I made breakfast and got to work. My headache began to subside. Nothing existed outside the glow of my computer. Hours passed with ease. Shocked by my ability to not get bored and abandon ship for some kind of cute-when-stoned activity, I continued to knock out every item on my to-do list. Publicist emails I’d been avoiding for weeks? Not a problem. Extensive research into different methods of cannabis extraction? Bring it on. Two articles I had to bang out before my editor in New York left the office for the day? Rough yet feasible.

I was amazed. With so many products branded to aid in focus and creativity, this mellow strain of moderately priced flower not only helped me focus, but made focusing fun. That night, I decided to continue working, tackling the litany of unanswered emails from distant relatives, incessant publicists, not-so-close friends, and, of course, my mom—all historically vulnerable tasks to brush off in the face of bong-induced procrastination. Once even the most obnoxious publicist had received a polite variation of "sorry, not interested," I was struck, once again, by Lazy Lightning.

A perfectly rolled spliff delivered bolts of its playful, fun energy. As implied by the name’s dichotomy, this unique hybrid produced the perfect ratio of focused productivity and relaxed euphoria. After having triumphed in the face of double deadlines and late-night tequila shots, it was time to party. The sun was going down, my phone was blowing up, and I was ready for anything.