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Henry's Original Banana Cookies


The Banana Cookies flower is a Henry's Original hybrid with a misleadingly cheesy aroma. The flavor is actually pretty creamy and satisfying. Once you hit the high, you'll probably feel balanced and calm. It can have some early onset jitters but by the time it peaks most people feel giggly and good. This is best for a nighttime solo high.

Ranked 107 of 295 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 107 of 295 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Banana Cookies
Product Information

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13.8% THC, 0.1% CBD

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Durban Poison, Cherry Pie

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If Ed Helms Was A Weed

With this strain, you can keep things wholesome or wholesomely deranged.

I’m not a fan of wallflower weed, so I was pleased to discover this variety of Banana Cookies had a sweet, skunky aroma with a pungent presence. It’s certainly not covert, and the same can be said of the high. If you have any familiarity with the hall-of-fame “cookies” lineage, you know you’re in for a dependable treat.

You know you’re in for a dependable treat.

I was already feeling happy and relaxed when I decided to step outside with a friend to walk my pup and light up an expertly hand-rolled joint containing Henry’s Banana Cookies. The smoke was incredibly smooth and flavorful. I had smoked a joint of White OG earlier in the day, which left me with a harsh, bitter aftertaste. The Banana Cookies joint was a welcome improvement in every trait across the board. The flavor has sweet, creamy notes, which fit the “Banana Cookies” bill. That said, I’m guilty of letting the context surrounding my smoking experience affect my high, so a burnt aftertaste in my mouth definitely has the potential be a buzzkill. Dry and heavy eyes? I’ll start to struggle with lethargy no matter how energetic the sativa-dominant strain.

But thankfully, and no doubt partially credited to the enjoyable intake experience, I was impressed with the high of this sweet strain. I smoked a full joint, which is typical for me now that I’ve been building up my tolerance with a steady regimen of low-dose edibles. The effects came on quick before I had even burned through half the joint. I felt stoned but talkative and appreciative of my current company and life in general, which makes me think it’s a good strain for mindfulness and feeling upbeat.

I also felt a surge of creativity, which I would have liked to apply to writing a song or just plain writing. But I also really enjoy creative strains for smaller social situations. Conversations seem to develop an immediate liveliness. After our walk, my friend and I put on Day of the Locusts, a truly twisted takedown of Hollywood, set in the ‘30s but unmistakably filmed in the ‘70s. The film’s vibe was a little darker than what I was in the mood for, but the Banana Cookies did a stellar job of keeping any negativity from seeping in and keeping our stoned commentary enjoyable for us. Things just kind of roll off your back with this flower, which is why it’s a great strain for those times you really need a euphoric pick-me-up in a less-than-euphoric situation. A little over an hour after I smoked the jay, the high slowly dissipated, leaving me a little lighter than I started.

I was laughing hard, so hard I was occasionally looking to the audience around me to make sure I wasn’t making a scene.

A couple days later, I rolled another joint to revisit my new friend Banana Cookies, this time to go see Tag in theaters. I know what you’re thinking—Tag, really? But I was feeling fairly relaxed and looking forward to turning my brain off in front of a goofy comedy. Because my last interaction with Banana Cookies was more mindful, creative, and thought-provoking, I wasn’t sure if it was up for the task of delivering the giggles. But Banana Cookies, in concert with the wholesomely deranged antics of the cast (Ed Helms especially) immediately set me off. I was laughing hard, so hard I was occasionally looking to the audience around me to make sure I wasn’t “making a scene.” With that, I should note that in larger crowds, Banana Cookies can open the door to some mild paranoia, though that’s fairly common for me with most strains. Dry eyes were the only other side effect I could decipher.

As it turned out, Tag was all about keeping your childhood alive. And Henry’s Banana Cookies is the same in that way. It’s great for both opening the door to some childhood wonderment and the monsters under your bed. Ultimately, Banana Cookies delivers a dessert dose that’s flexible but always uplifting. Go on a quiet night walk and it’ll work to your favor. Go see a dumb comedy you’ll only be confident recommending to friends if they promise to pair it with Henry’s Banana Cookies flower, and it’ll work in your favor. It’s an enhancing high that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It’s not overbearing. It’ll cater to your needs. You can keep things wholesome or wholesomely deranged—the Ed Helms of the Cookies lineage.

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