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Henry's Original Coast


Ranked 57 of 228 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 57 of 228 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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4.22% THC, 8.17% CBD

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Sun Grown


Coast Through Your Day

Hit this CBD-heavy flower for reliable and lasting relief.

IN REVIEW: This is essentially a 1:2 THC to CBD flower, and we expect (and hope) to see these pop up more and more. With everyone obsessed over packing as much THC as possible into every strain, we often lose sight of the entourage effect and what lighter and more balanced doses can do for us throughout the day. Smoke this with confidence for a mild experience that won’t bog you down, and calming and focused effects to get you through life’s harder moments.

By now most people know that CBD has many health benefits and medicinal uses. A study in Canada recently found that CBD could even be helpful in fighting Covid-19 since, “Certain (CBD) cannabis extracts could potentially lower the number of cells that the virus could attach itself to.”

Tinctures and edibles are probably the healthiest ways to consume cannabis in general, and while CBD is no different, I often opt for flower as I did in this case. I quit smoking cigarettes almost a year ago, so one of the biggest benefits of CBD flower for me is its ability to replace tobacco when I need something to puff on during stressful moments (that also won’t get me high). I also get to smoke something that ACTUALLY makes me more relaxed, as opposed to tobacco which raises your heart rate and stresses your body while tricking your mind.

 It doesn’t give you a speedy boost, and it can calm an anxious mind that may be racing.

Henry’s Original Coast CBD flower is sun-grown, and has a potency of 4.22% THC and 8.17% CBD. That mix of cannabinoids helps you take advantage of the entourage effect, which means you get a subtle yet noticeable level of relaxation without being overwhelmingly “high.” This is great for activities that require some amount of focus and the ability to follow a linear thought process, such as socializing, getting things done, or making a masterpiece.

I’ve been smoking more than half my life, but still have a middling tolerance. I’m no “one-hit wonder,” but if I smoke an entire joint by myself I’m not doing much more than plopping down in front of the TV and zoning out. I’ve seen people who can manage it, but I’m not the type that can take a huge bong rip and do detail-oriented work. While I'm a relatively “high” functioning smoker, my type of functioning while high is better suited for chilling, or silly creative projects, than actual work.

Ironically as a cannabis writer—I usually find it hard to write when I’m high. I often think I should be feeling the effects of the strain I’m reviewing while writing about it, but when I look back at what seemed like an eloquent tale of my experience later, it often looks more like something a wannabe Kerouac frantically typed up. I forget how punctuation works, and my sentences are more mashed up metaphors than clear descriptions. My writing becomes loose poetic musings about my feelings instead of discernible and clear prose. You can practically smell the weed wafting off of my words. With CBD heavy flower, however, I can smoke a big ole joint while mulling over my thoughts and sit back down at the keyboard and still make sense.

This flower is good for taking a deep breath, letting it out, and getting shit done. It can help you focus, but in a subtle way. It doesn’t give you a speedy boost, and it can calm an anxious mind that may be racing, which ultimately helps you keep your attention on what you’re doing. Very much like mindfulness, there’s an Alan Watts-esque “be here now” quality to the relaxed feel of this strain.

I rolled up a joint, sat down to write, and felt that old creative surge I used to get with cigarettes. It had an earthy and ashen taste and it wouldn’t stay lit very well, but it was also very comforting. I didn’t feel much, but I was more relaxed, especially when my mother called.

My zen couldn’t even be shaken when she brought up my father, started asking about my love life, and began pushing all of the buttons only a parent can push.

It helped me calmly navigate a long chat full of all the annoyances a mom-call can bring. I was able to follow every twist in her wandering words without getting frustrated, and could even figure out what movies she was talking about with only the vaguest clues like, “you know the one with the guy with the hair.” I didn’t feel stoned, but I did have that chillness that lets annoying things just roll off your back. My zen couldn’t even be shaken when she brought up my father, started asking about my love life, and began pushing all of the buttons only a parent can push.

My mother was a cigarette smoker for most of my life, which is where I’d picked up the habit (and a few ex-boyfriends along the way). She recently had lung cancer and surgery to remove a tumor. That’s when we both quit tobacco. She’s recovering well but still longs for some familiar comfort by smoking in these stressful times. She finally got a medical marijuana card in her state and is consuming flower, but as she ages the cognitive impairments of excessive THC can make it harder to hold long conversations, and her attention drifts. I’m hoping her access to the variety a dispensary can provide means that I can pass the idea of trying some CBD heavy flower, with all of its benefits, to her.

While smoking anything carries some risk, sometimes I just really want that moment of visceral catharsis. In the past, my only options were tobacco and its myriad of dangers, or high THC cannabis that affects my cognitive functioning. Now that CBD flower products like Henry’s Original Coast are gaining popularity, I’m grateful to have found something to scratch that smoking itch in a moderately healthier way. 

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August 4th, 2020
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