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Humboldt Farms Sour Tangie Flower


Humboldt Farms’ Premium Sour Tangie flower is earthy and smooth with notes of citrus. The high from this strain typically develops into a strong balance between euphoria and energy, so smoke this one outside. It’s perfect for a long walk or beach day. Read our full review below.

Ranked 75 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 75 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Quotes from the Raters

Premium Sour Tangie
Product Information

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21.1% THC

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East Coast Sour Diesel, Tangie

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Sun Grown


Consume Tangerine to Combat Quarantine

You may not be getting any vitamin C, but you’ll certainly be feeling uplifted and free.

IN REVIEW: Premium Sour Tangie has earned its designation, and this bright sativa will bring sunshine to any cloudy day. This is one of those flowers that inspires you to create unique offerings and experiences—so grab your paintbrush, or call up that friend you haven't seen in a while and go on a hike. At a semi-high, but not too crazy THC level of 21.2%, nothing is off-limits, and nothing will bring you down. 

In the first few weeks of The Great Covid Quarantine of 2020, I was stuck in a holding pattern.

It was hard as an artist to express what I felt about things because I, like many, still wasn’t sure what was happening. It was hard to know whether to act like this was a vacation from life or to start adjusting to a new permanent reality. Acting like it was a vacation felt too casual, the air was so dense with fear, anxiety, and death, so it didn’t feel much like a holiday. That’s like having a sexy Spring Break at Bikini Atoll while the US Government tests nuclear weapons next to your cabana.

The constant anxiety was also unhealthy, so to combat the dark and mucky feelings of a seeming apocalypse, I needed something bright. We’re talking eighties neon, highlighter orange bright. So I reached for some Premium Sour Tangie from Humboldt Farms. It’s a sativa, which are known for their uplifting properties—and it’s sun-grown, which means it has some light baked right into it.

This strain transformed my isolation from a scary virus quarantine to more of a quiet artist’s retreat.

I could smell its strain lineage. The aroma had that classic gas-like quality from the east coast sour diesel, which was followed by a strong note of tangie citrus on top. As an east coaster who’s also moved west, I felt an immediate kinship to this flower. Its little orange hairs covered in trichomes made me feel brighter just looking at it.

I had been tired in bed watching Netflix all day, but after smoking a bowl I instantly felt inspired to go out on my porch and paint. I hadn’t painted in months. I had to dig through an old box to even find whatever paints I still had that weren’t completely dried up, but even that felt like a fun scavenger hunt instead of a chore. The 21.1% THC potency was hitting me hard but in the best possible way. There was an almost immediate and light-head high that had me elevated.

I was energized & euphoric like I’d put on orange sunglasses that made the world look like a warm Instagram filter. I felt like the girl in the song She Don't Use Jelly by the Flaming Lips, “I know a girl who reminds me of Cher, She’s always changing the color of her hair. But she don't use nothing, that you can get in the store. She likes her hair to be real orange. She uses Tangerines.” Except I wasn’t dyeing my hair, I was dyeing my mind. And luckily, in this future world The Flaming Lips could probably only dream about, those in California actually can buy this Sour Tangie in a store.

I’d been painting outside for what felt like hours, but was only about twenty minutes. I suddenly couldn’t wait to dive into my next project, maybe I’d play my guitar or write a poem. Or maybe I’d combine them and write a song, which is really just a poem with a guitar.

It felt more like a groovy funhouse twist on reality that made life a bit more exciting and enjoyable.

This strain transformed my isolation from a scary virus quarantine to more of a quiet artist’s retreat. I didn’t have much of an attention span, but everything my mind drifted to was the next most fun thing I’d ever thought of. Sometimes when I smoke strong sativas there’s an almost psychotropic effect. While not fully hallucinogenic, my vision looks as though the brightness and saturation have been turned up. Sounds feel louder and closer; street noise outside my window will feel like it’s right next to my head. Sometimes this can be unsettling and jarring. It can be one of those anxiety-producing parts of being stoned when you watch the clock, desperately waiting for the moment you’re no longer so unbearably high. But when mixed with the brightness of this strain, it felt more like a groovy funhouse twist on reality that made life a bit more exciting and enjoyable.

It was the first time since quarantine began that I felt able to open up and have a sense of humor about everything. It seems trivial to be able to make jokes about a pandemic, but turning tragedy into art is how we artists understand and make sense of our world. And yes, I consider humor an art. It was the first time it seemed like maybe things would be ok after all, that even if things didn’t return to normal, maybe the new normal isn’t so terribly bad.

It was nice to feel like even though I was trapped in the house for dark reasons, I was allowed to lighten it up a little inside. Maybe I’m just the updated version of the girl in that Flaming Lips song, “I know a girl who’s in Quarantine, she’s already read every magazine. She can't go out and go to the store. She likes her weed to be real orange. She smokes Tangie.” 

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September 30th, 2022
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