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Jungle Boys Banana Punch


Ranked 210 of 336 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 210 of 336 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Banana Punch
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Banana OG, Purple Punch

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The Jungle Boys Do It Again

Banana Punch offers a tasty trip down stoner lane.

IN REVIEW: In a market filled with tricks and gimmicks, sometimes you just want dank ass buds that put quality first—and that’s Jungle Boys, alright. The latest strain on their roster of hits is Banana Punch, a cross between the ultra-relaxing Purple Punch and Banana Kush. These jaw-droppingly frosty buds with a tropical terpene profile deliver the relief you need without any of the distractions. Try this indica-dominant hybrid anytime you want to unwind for the night, find some inner calm, or bring the beach to you.

When you’ve been smoking weed for as long as I have, sometimes you just want to smoke some quality sticky-icky that gets straight to the point. Something that doesn’t rely on flashy packaging, some big name to back it, or any other gimmick that brands seem to think they need to survive in this cutthroat industry. Every now and then, I just want some good old-fashioned, fire-ass flower that speaks for itself—and Jungle Boys gets it.

Their expert growers have made a name for themselves over the last decade crafting their own signature strains like Strawberry Shortcake and Jungle Cake. Although their reputation continues to flourish, they stay true to their roots, growing some of the most well-known and loved cannabis strains that Cali has to offer. It goes without saying that when I get the chance to smoke some of their flower, I’m first in line.

This strain really does punch you in the face with a complex aroma of pine and ripe bananas. 

So when I found myself the happy recipient of Jungle Boys’ Banana Punch, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I’m a longtime fan of the deliciously relaxing Purple Punch and have never had the pleasure of smoking Banana Kush, so I was excited to see what this strain brought to the table.

Based on what I know about these two strains, I reserved it for an evening smoke sesh. As I prepared to wind down one night after a long day of work, I broke out my rolling tray and a fat nug of Banana Punch—and literally gasped. It has been a long time since I have seen a bud so thoroughly blanketed in a solid layer of frosty trichomes. I stared at it in all of its sugary, sparkly glory for a good minute before tossing it in the grinder.

When I opened up my grinder, I saw why they named this strain Banana Punch, beyond its lineage. This strain really does punch you in the face with a complex aroma of pine and ripe bananas, maybe even overripe. You know, the kind you make banana bread with that’s starting to get a little sharp and funky, but is still oh-so-sweet.

Without any hesitation, I rolled myself a solo joint of this fruity treasure and took my first puff. The flavor was even more fruit-forward, and it instantly transported me to a hammock on the beach. Both the banana and pine were present, but there was also a slight peppery note that gave just a little warmth to its flavor profile. I happily toked away as the flavor evaporated right off my palate without any strange aftertaste.

As I enjoyed puff after puff, I started to feel a relaxation hit me square between my eyes. The tension around my brow floated off into the sunset, along with any lingering worries from my workday. With each draw, the relaxation seemed to spread throughout my body, all the way down to my toes—no seriously. I’d stubbed my pinky toe earlier (why does that always hurt the most?) and my littlest of toes was throbbing all day long. Any aches and pains that I may have had seemed to have disappeared as I got higher and higher.

The tension around my brow floated off into the sunset.

I let the relief take over as I cuddled on the couch and whipped out my Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing. When I first started smoking, playing video games was one of my favorite ways to shut my mind off and just let the weed work its magic. It seemed like a fitting way to enjoy some good old-fashioned, fire-ass weed.

The sweet relief I got from Banana Punch lasted for the next few hours until it was time to call it a night. It was exactly what I expected from veteran growers Jungle Boys and then some. To get trichome-covered buds like that with a tantalizing tropical terpene profile, you have to know what you’re doing. Even the soothing effects didn’t completely knock me out, which shows finesse and professionalism. If you’re an indica fan or are searching for the perfect chill hybrid, get yourself some of this Jungle Boys Banana Punch—now. Go get it. 

Community Reviews

Some of the best tasting and frostiest nugs ive ever had, very Light Green and sweet smell.

December 10th, 2021

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