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LitHouse Dark Dosi


LINEAGE: GSC x Face-Off OG TASTE: sweet earthy palate, with a robust syrupy flavor and sugar-glazed gassy aroma HIGH: deep relaxation, full-body high PROFILE: our stand-out LitHouse flower, Dark Dosi is a customer favorite, with a sweet earthy taste and deeply relaxing high. We’ve meticulously perfected our cultivation to balance show-stopping beauty with a profound relaxation – a blissful full-body high. Tried and true, LitHouse Dark Dosi is a perfect 10. AWARDS: 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup - Flower 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup - Pre-Rolls

Ranked 1 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 1 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Dark Dosi
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Girl Scout Cookies, Face Off OG

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Dark Dosi Is In A League Of Its Own

This premium strain from a premier grower has a perfect score, and it’ll leave you wanting more.

IN REVIEW: Dark Dosi is one of those strains that elevates the entire game. One of those highs that makes you remember how transcendental an experience with cannabis can be. From appearance and aroma to effects and smokability, expect to be blown away. It’s an indica-leaning flower that provides the perfect amount of balanced euphoria to leave you in a state of bliss. Buy this with confidence whenever you see it, and get ready to embrace the dark side.

 Dark Dosi from LitHouse was nothing short of a revelation. This is a potent flower that delivers a consistent and sometimes awe-inspiring high. As far as indicas go, I’d be hard-pressed to remember a more joyful and euphoric experience.

My first reaction to this flower was that it totally loosens you up and gives you the impression that you’re as light as a feather. It was as if all my stress and anxiety was standing on the bow of an ocean liner and I waved goodbye to it from the safety of an old wooden dock—watching it disappear over the horizon as I wished it well. The tension in my face just started to melt away. I likened it to a deep-muscle cleansing.

This was an immersive high that had me appreciating all things from the local fauna to the mountain bikers and their warning bells.

It wasn’t long before I set out on an easygoing offensive of cleaning the house and preparing some lunch, which I knocked out in no time at all. Afterward, I decided to set out on a local hike. Nature was calling my name, and it also whispered, “Bring some of that Dark Dosi with you.” I obliged.

This was an immersive high that had me appreciating all things from the local fauna to the mountain bikers and their warning bells. I was listening to a little Buena Vista Social Club to amp up the experience, and I soon felt overtaken by the rhythm. The vibrancy of the moment propelled me all the way to the top of this isolated “lookout point”—a good four or five miles from home. Being that I was all by my lonesome, I sampled a bit more of the Dark Dosi while taking in the expansive view of the Conejo Valley below. It all looked like a giant drink that you just wanted to dive into headfirst. Sitting in the tranquility of the moment, I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me. I decided to run back down the hill. I may have even skipped at certain intervals. Let it never be said that cannabis dulls the senses because this strain, in particular, had me honed-in and moving like a gazelle down the narrow paths of the hillside trail.

What I found most beneficial about this strain was its ability to help you figure stuff out. Deep insights kept revealing themselves to me by the handful. It was as if I’d been listening to a static-filled station the entire time, and now the radio dial was being turned to a clearer bandwidth. The only things that were amplified were those that were most essential. What followed was a flood of creativity that had me feeling excited about the potential to create worlds.

When I got home, the missus and I dove into some crafting supplies and came up with an entirely original board game. I won’t bore you with the details, but it involved dice, crafting our own currency, and a bong. It’s as if this bud was showing us a better and more fun way to live, and I was all game (figuratively and literally).

It was as if I’d been listening to a static-filled station the entire time, and now the radio dial was being turned to a clearer bandwidth.

Towards the evening, I smoked another bowl of this flower and found that what I’d been feeling earlier was no fluke. More full-bodied relaxation, more euphoria, and a unique sense of wonder that I found to be the defining characteristic of this bud. While it eventually put me to sleep, I found that its benefits reached far beyond being a mere sleep aid. To smoke this and just crash out would be a missed opportunity. This is a high you want to ride the whole way through. Great for hammock rides, nature walks, creative endeavors, or just lighting up those candles while putting on some Luther Vandross and doing like they do on the Discovery Channel.

I rank this among the very best strains I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. Dark Dosi embodies the best of both sativas and indicas. It has 22.82% THC and an earthy, sweet bouquet that hits with utter smoothness. The side effects were non-existent. Not even the slightest dry mouth, and I smoked quite a lot of it.

I lamented the universe I’d soon be in when I ran out of this bud, but like all good things, it had to come to an end…until of course I locate more Dark Dosi, which is something I plan on doing sooner rather than later.

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

I came across it at a dispensary in Oakland. As former cultivator of both Indica and Sativa strains, I was expecting the lights to go out given the THC content. Instead, ideas for film and TV scripts flooded my thoughts. An ultimate experience and one I can definitely recommend!

December 8th, 2021
Jonathan K

Beautiful color, nice full nugs. The perfect mixture of a gasey sweet taste. Definitely a go-to for indica smokers. Usually flies off the shelves

December 7th, 2021

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