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LitHouse Dark Dosi All Sun


Ranked 3 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 3 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Dark Dosi All Sun
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29% THC

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Girl Scout Cookies, Face-Off OG

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Sun Grown


Same Dark Dosi, Whole New Light

This sungrown flower from Lithouse has taken an already stellar strain into the stratosphere.

IN REVIEW: Dark Dosi - All Sun by Lithouse is grown outdoors above the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, and adding sunlight to this fan favorite has pushed it even further in terms of euphoria and guaranteed good vibes. It’s an unforgettable indica that packs a euphoric punch, and its 29% THC and sweet smoke lead you to clean effects that are just as great for yoga sessions and wilderness treks as they are staying in and sharing laughs with friends. 

As someone who has raved incessantly about LitHouse’s Dark Dosi, I found this sungrown version to be like mannah from the green heavens. The Dark Dosi - All Sun from LitHouse takes what may be my favorite strain out there, and somehow manages to coax yet more euphoria and joy from this open-air varietal. It’s as if someone had opened up the elephant doors to the Accademia Gallery in Florence, and moved the Statue of David outside to the public square so the local Florentines could take a better look. That’s all. It’s still the same masterpiece, except now you just get to see it in a different, more natural light.

The real show-stopping element of this sungrown flower is its potent euphoria and ability to spark joy.

This high started right around the temples. It was as if someone with hands as soft as pillows was massaging my cranium and telling my stress, “Shoo!” Then it got me thinking of an actual spa, or even a strip mall massage parlor, and how great this buzz would vibe with a day of self care. I was even nursing a strained ankle that managed to make itself unknown during the long duration of this high. As an analgesic, this flower gets high marks.

All that said, the real show-stopping element of this sungrown flower is its potent euphoria and ability to spark joy. Shortly after sampling this herbal and peppery tasting flower, I had the sensation that I needed to be outside. When I’m feeling euphoric to the bone, I find it's best appreciated amongst nature, or at least somewhere beyond the four walls of your bedroom or kitchen. Being that the first half hour of this high had me reeling, I didn’t realize that I’d be walking into a windstorm. Luckily the high was tailor made for making the best out of a potentially harrowing situation.

The joy elicited by the outdoor Dark Dosi was unerring and constant, and it paired well with an upbeat playlist that I probably created the last time I smoked Dark Dosi. At any rate, it was 80’s dancehall heavy, and saw me through some gale-force winds with aplomb. The conditions outside made the streets and mountain trails nearly barren. This didn’t scare me nearly as much as it excited me. 

Dark Dosi has always seemed to push me towards curiosity rather than anxiety. This high was all about the adventure, and I got really into the whole panorama of ominous clouds on the horizon, and the sounds of shingles swirling off of roofs. While I would never go storm chasing or hurricane dodging while high, I felt this was a good enough inclimate weather outing to where you would be both safe, but also suitably titillated, by a strong storm front. And if Dark Dosi is good at anything, it’s titillation.

It became a transcendent moment totally heightened by this all-encompassing high.

I even took the dog along, whose floppy ears acted as a mast against the prevailing winds. He had about as good a time as I did, and when we hit a mountain clearing the skies parted and a ray of sunshine peeked through. I felt it was a sign, so I unleashed him and let him run free. It was at that moment that we were both treated to a sunshower. It became a transcendent moment totally heightened by this all-encompassing high. These are the moments that remind you of the beauty that can be both created, and witnessed, while high.

The All Sun Dark Dosi allows you to fully explore your surroundings as if you’ve taken them in for the first time, and the level of happiness it evokes can work wonders for those suffering from depression or loneliness. As an indica it works great in relaxing both mind and body, but I found the overall effects to be more indicative of a strong sativa. The first hour or two I felt totally upbeat and excited, and I could have easily gone for a long run had it not been so precarious out there. This flower is 29% THC, and is sure to lift your mood and expand your horizons.

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October 1st, 2022
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