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1/8 Ounce Package of Pacific Stone 805 Glue Hybrid Strain Weed


Ranked 268 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 268 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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805 Glue
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20.85% THC

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805, GG#4

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The Perfect Weed For Playing Hooky

Puff, puff, past: Smoke this to relive the aimless days of your youth.

IN REVIEW: 805 Glue is a hybrid from Pacific Stone with 20.85% THC and aimless, indica leaning effects. Smoke this to check out with your closest friends, and plan to have one of the best days doing nothing you've had in a while. Use this for moments of great introspection, and take it with you on a hike, or just light it up on your back porch during a particularly beautiful sunset. Whatever you choose, expect to feel more in tune with what's around you. 

Quarantine makes you feel a lot like a grounded teenager. You’re trapped in the (hopefully cozy) prison of your own home. If you do leave, you can’t really go anywhere. Your friend’s houses are off-limits like they have strict parents, and nothing else is open.

So just like back in the day, you find the one or two friends you really click with, and they become your clique. To fight the boredom of recent monotony—it’s best to treat it the same ways we did as kids. Just wandering around the neighborhood, talking about bands you like and looking for a sneaky spot to smoke weed. And if you have the right friends and the right weed, those simple and aimless hangs are some of the best moments you’ll ever have.

 It helped me breathe deep and sit in the magic of the moment for a while, while also allowing me to let the workaday worries of adulthood slip away.

I had a day date to sneak away with my friend Mark and just drive around. We were being “bad kids” by simply being in his car together (even though we wore masks and kept our windows down), so it amplified the feeling of kids playing hooky from school by joyriding aimlessly in the afternoon.

This Hybrid 805 Glue from Pacific Stone is the perfect strain for a “High” School vibe. It’s the best accessory for a simple, dreamy kind of day. It has that adolescent fun feeling, but it’s also so much better than what I could get as a teen. Expect a classic skunky vibe that looks like the bud found in a High Times centerfold, covered in pretty trichome crystals and dotted with a few vibrant orange hairs. It’s so sticky it was difficult to break up without a grinder. It clung in clumps and got under my nails, but I still managed to roll a joint one million times better than I could in high school.

The scent this strain provides is strong and sweet. The notes were sour and skunky, like good “crippy” (which is what we called ‘top shelf’ weed growing up in Florida, and apparently, only in Florida.) The kind of smell you would try to hide by covering your backpack in perfume, but some friend of yours would loudly proclaim in the hallway, “Do you smell weed?”

We got to Mulholland Drive in the early afternoon. As we went up the hills, I could feel the altitude in my mind rising too. There was a classic euphoria, hazy but uplifting. The sun seemed brighter, and music felt deeper and more meaningful.

The tiny areas to pull off and park are nestled between roads with winding turns, and they were crowded with folks gazing out at the city. Most were staying in their cars and social distancing, but two guys were boldly chatting without masks on feet away from some official yellow tape saying, “The Overlook Park is closed.” They were obviously the “baddest bad kids.”

We walked up to another overlook with barriers, and we were sure to stay on the legal side of them. We stood staring out at hills and houses with palm trees dotting the horizon. We were two kids who came from other states, both so grateful and amazed that we could actually live in beautiful Los Angeles. We wondered out loud how we could live so close to something so breathtaking and not go see it all the time. That’s one of the silver linings of having our sophisticated sources of adult recreation taken away, we can rediscover the simple pleasures.

This strain was great for outdoor activities and just sort of zoning out in a meditative way. It helped me breathe deep and sit in the magic of the moment for a while, while also allowing me to let the workaday worries of adulthood slip away.

Driving back, Mark played me songs he thought were cool, like Good Guy Shoes. I was so stoned I forgot I was stoned, and only remembered when he dropped me at home. I was busy thinking about how much I wanted drive-thru burgers. I then remembered my ability to cook. My life was suddenly a classed-up adult version of my teenage years, and I managed to make myself a mature version of an after-school meal before watching TV (or now, Netflix.)

I felt super chill, almost too chill to do anything at all. I was tired, but this flower eased my mind, which I was thankful for because at that moment I was unnecessarily worrying if I was sick. I just relaxed and let myself zone out.

It's perfect for hanging around people where you feel comfortable saying, “Sorry what did you say? I’m really stoned.”

The second time I smoked this strain I had one of those long three hour phone conversations with a friend like I did in middle school. Not a Zoom, where you’re stuck in one place, but an old-fashioned phone call where you can wander around as you chat. We were both on our own separate adventures, her sitting in the woods in Delaware and me gardening on my patio. We talked about everything and figured out how the world works. It was the kind of call that has intermissions, where you pause to get food or pee, then call back to continue the epic conversation.

This flower is great for socializing, but in a loose and unstructured way. It’s maybe not the best for getting to know strangers, but perfect for hanging around people where you feel comfortable saying, “Sorry what did you say? I’m really stoned.”

I sat down to try and write a review right after, but my thoughts were so ready to wander that my notes looked like scrawled high school poems. Every time I tried to do work, my brain rebelled against my “adult homework.”

So I just sat on my porch watching the sunset, pondering mortality, time, and nature. I stared out from my little balcony to the big wide world, feeling very small and yet infinite at the same time, like I did looking out my childhood bedroom window. I journaled poems about my profound love and angst about the world, and about feeling so high that I could see the kind of magical life secrets that adults no longer understand. 

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February 6th, 2023
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