Wedding Cake - 10g


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29.82% THC
Vanilla, Sweet

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Expert Review

Screaming Trumpets’ Flower Hits The Sweet Spot

Review by Katie Phillips

Mar 12, 2021 · 4 min read

If you’re an adventurer, have an eye for value or lack a smoking setup, get this kit.

IN REVIEW: Screaming Trumpets has brought the spirit of the Wild West to the cannabis community in the form of rugged, flower-filled tins made for the trail. Their loose-leaf packs are honest, authentic and damn good, giving you the best of cannabis without any of the fuss. This Wedding Cake is top notch, hitting hard and fast with earthy and herbaceous smoke and clean effects. Each 10g tin has pre-ground premium flower, matches and raw hemp papers, making it a one-stop shop to get lifted and get on with your day.

Looking for an all-in-one flower product that’s as compact as it is complete? Check out Screaming Trumpets, a Desert Underground brand specializing in premium, loose-leaf cannabis kits that come with rolling papers and matches. Screaming Trumpets was conceived to, “provide unique ways for true connoisseurs to enjoy cannabis through novel products at an accessible price-point.”

Citrus notes came through on the inhale, and cloves came through on the exhale.

The team behind these tins consists of six guys—an eclectic group of cannasseurs looking to reinvent old school cannabis for the modern age. They’re passionate about how they grow, and they gravitate towards high-potency flower. It all begins with their soil. They created a special mixture that infuses their soil to keep a consistent standard of potency and purity. With special blends of nutrients and minerals, they can control every single variable. From the rate of photosynthesis to cell structure, they manipulate everything they need at a micronutrient level to build a better plant.

They’ve streamlined their process to maximize the best possible expression of the five strains they grow best—GMO, Denver Cookies, Sundae Driver, Durban and Wedding Cake. I tried the Wedding Cake for this review, which was an uplifting indica with notes of citrus, clove and pine. It offered a little burst of energy with mellow, chilled-out undertones. A great combo for a morning full of avoiding stress, attempting to focus and trying to get shit done. As I opened the tin, I took note of the matte dark cobalt finish and rugged script, and thought it would fit right in at an apothecary in the Wild West. Inside you’ll find a pouch of loose leaf flower, and while It did have a few stems and pieces to pick out, it was still a pretty premium looking product.

I rolled a joint with the included raw hemp papers to get the full experience. This Wedding Cake flower has a super woodsy scent right off the bat, which is followed by notes of tart citrus and a warming hint of cloves. It quickly became a very inviting scene, and a mellow, herbaceous experience. It does have a lingering scent when you pack the pouch away in the tin, so if you're in a household that's not smoke friendly, I’d maybe stash it in a medicine cabinet or drawer. Though it didn't matter to me, I love the scent of a terpene-forward flower! I grabbed my grinder to create a finer texture and smoother joint. If you went from pouch to paper, it could result in a lumpy joint, but it would still work on the go or in a pinch.

It was like I was wearing a weighted blanket or sitting through some mindful meditation.

I rolled a nice joint to take in every bit of this flower. I lit it up, and the initial inhale hits you with a zingy sour punch followed by a robust earthy smoke. Citrus notes came through on the inhale, and cloves came through on the exhale—both true to the aroma. The sour notes hit with a bit of a bite, but it’s nothing hard to recover from. It leaves a layered aftertaste that was pleasantly sweet and earthy. I observed my next few moments in a zen-like state as my high decided to join in on my day.

I was alert, but calm. It was like I was wearing a weighted blanket or sitting through some mindful meditation. I really enjoyed that sweet spot, and any aches or pains I was dealing with suddenly faded. This Wedding Cake flower is definitely a treat. It was a good medium high, not too much and not too little with minimal dry mouth. I started to notice my high was gently going away and easing up. I felt a sensation that was light and airy, free of any anxious nerves and stress, and it just left me in a better place. Screaming Trumpets Wedding Cake pack would be great for someone looking to chill out without sacrificing focus. I recommend this flower for an adventure to the beach, a binge watch sesh or getting creative and diving into a project. I really can’t say enough about this flower and my experience, and I’ll be picking some more up down the trail soon enough.