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Stone Road Papaya Punch Roll Your Own Pouch 1/2 Ounce


Ranked 285 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 285 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Papaya Punch Roll Your Own Pouch 1/2 Ounce
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22.51% THC

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Papaya, Purple Punch

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This Pre-Ground Papaya Is Surprisingly Potent

Stone Road’s Pre-Ground Papaya Punch flower makes for a relaxing high that’ll help you unwind.

IN REVIEW: Each of these beautiful pouches from Stone Road contains floral rolling papers, filters, and a half-ounce of finely ground Papaya Punch flower. This is a 22.51% THC hybrid that hits smooth and smells of tropical fruit. Entirely natural, incredibly euphoric, and deeply relaxing, this flower makes for a great high both day and night. For everything from getting lifted on the go to smoking the whole crew out before a show, the convenience and quality of this all-in-one product is truly hard to beat.

This half-ounce pouch of Papaya Punch from Stone Road proves a delectable smoking experience. The floral motif on the rolling papers brings a certain naturalistic intention to the whole process that’s not lost on me, and the serene packaging acts as a prelude to the high itself. I found this to be a most relaxing flower that hit as smoothly as I’ve come to expect from Stone Road. Whether they roll it themselves or leave the job up to me, as is the case here, the subtle sweetness of the flower remains the star of the show.

The calming effect resulted in a flow state that felt surprisingly graceful at times.

I brought this heaping pouch over to my friend’s house like some traveling minstrel of good tidings. We got high and did what any normal middle-aged white guys would do. We put on our jiu-jitsu kimonos and started grappling in his makeshift dojo. The calming effect resulted in a flow state that felt surprisingly graceful at times. I was extremely focused, and the high allowed us to freely explore moves and sharpen up some techniques. I only regret that we didn’t play Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” from the hit movie Karate Kid.

Afterward, we rolled up another two joints from this endless pouch of pre-ground flower, and he showed me around his newly installed pool, hot tub, and sauna. We took a well-deserved dip, and I eventually found a water raft to lay on and take it all in. As I stared up into the sky, wet joint in hand, I knew I’d reached peak relaxation. In case people are wondering what dudes do when their wives are out of town, we get high and fight each other, and then we apply sunblock and swim around making little water geysers with cupped hands. The secret is out.

We eventually moved to the hot tub as the sun was setting, and engaged in the sort of deep “meaning of life” conversations that can often be had by the truly baked. The hat trick of calm was finally achieved when we entered his new sauna and proceeded to sweat our asses off. I felt like I was in some stoner-friendly Roman bathhouse, and the only thing that was missing was someone cooling us off with two giant palm fronds upon exiting. Instead, we made some brick oven pizza that looked horrific but tasted great. The buzz definitely built up an appetite, and I’m pretty sure we devoured a large pie each as we finally retired to his patio and watched some martial arts videos. By this point, we were each on our third joint, and I began to melt into the chaise lounge. I’d normally be in outer space after three moderately sized joints, but it remained a clear-headed experience from start to finish and proved an effective pre-workout boost, as well as a chill post-workout recovery choice. Rarely does a pre-ground product offer such all-in-one effects.

I felt like I was in some stoner-friendly Roman bathhouse.

This Papaya Punch was the ideal high for an afternoon of working out and lounging with friends. Great for socializing, and as a worthy alternative to alcohol, it gets high marks. This sweet-tasting hybrid imbues one with a sense of energy while also soothing aching muscles and quieting a turbulent mind. At 22.51% THC, this is a manageable high that never made me uncomfortable or anxious—it was simply a great way to bond with friends on a lazy Sunday.

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October 6th, 2022
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