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Union Electric Race Fuel OG


Ranked 19 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 19 of 339 in Flowers for feeling Relaxed.

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Race Fuel OG
Product Information

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20.14% THC

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OG Kush, Face Off OG

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Vampire Fuel

Race Fuel OG by Union Electric is a curiosity inducing indica with a stimulating, cerebral high.

IN REVIEW: Race Fuel OG is the love child of OG Kush and Face Off OG, meaning you can look forward to a double dose of indica effects. Expect heavy notes of diesel and citrus, and a consistently relaxing yet uplifting high. Meaning that while this would certainly work as a couch-locked companion, it also has a curious side that will help you escape anxiety and engage in your surroundings. So no matter the activity you have planned, this sustainably grown flower from the POSIBL Project in Salinas will help you get the best out of any situation.

On my recent trip to Romania to visit my parents, I wanted to bring along a manageable and relaxing flower to help me take in the countryside and see the sights in a slightly altered state of mind. Race Fuel OG fit the bill nicely. It is a 20.14% THC indica flower that smelled like an old gas-powered Dacia, but hit like a Rolls Royce. It would suit me well on a day trip to Transylvania and Castelul Bran—better known as Dracula’s Castle.

Socializing and clowning around came easy with this indica buzz. 

Part of the reason why I wanted an easygoing high for this pilgrimage to the home of folklore’s most famous vampire is that I was expected to understand the confusing public bus system in order to get there. This would not be an easy task, as most modes of transport in Transylvanian Romania are not generally known for their efficiency—or even accessibility. I needed a clear and focused mind for this.

I hit this Race Fuel OG in the courtyard of my parents' place. This took me back to sneaking joints in the backyard of my childhood home in NJ. I soon set off towards the village center and was struck with a very upbeat and chill vibe. The sound of rain coupled with the crow of a rooster in the distance induced a very old world state of mind. In some ways, this high made me feel like I was traveling back in time. And in many ways I was—no cell phone service, unpaved roads, whole families riding horse buggies, and fish-scale tiled roofs adorning centuries-old homes. By the time I reached the bus stop, my anxiety for getting lost in the Carpathian wilderness had abated, and it was replaced with a keen sense of curiosity and healthy indifference.

Riding this diesel-engined bus, I didn’t know if I was smelling the exhaust or what was left of my joint. When I got to the medieval town of Bran, the rain had picked up, and the top half of the castle was obscured by a heavy fog. This high lent itself nicely to the ominous tone of the whole place. One could almost make out a deathly pale figure adorning a cape and standing on the precipice of some stone gargoyle. So it was that I found myself staring through the fog up towards the drawbridge-like entrance until it was clear that I was the only stoned gargoyle around.

You’ll forget about bills and workplace problems and nagging injuries.

I met up with my cousins near a row of souvenir stands. We tried on different vampire-related ephemera and sampled wooden knickknacks shaped by local artisans. While it was a soothing high, it was also a fun one. Socializing and clowning around came easy with this indica buzz. By the time we were inside the castle and darting down its many secret pathways and courtyards, we had gone into full Dracula mode. Immersing ourselves in the mythology and sharing a lot of laughs along the way. Being that tourism was yet to get back on track, we were the only visitors around. When you're virtually alone in a castle once inhabited by one of history’s most blood-thirsty princes, it’s raining buckets outside and you're high—well folks, that has the makings of a good time.

Race Fuel OG turned out to provide very balancing effects that would work well to combat stress and help you unwind yourself from head to toe. It was like a low-key, choose-your-own-adventure that elicited both laughs and frights. And somewhere along the way, you’ll forget about bills and workplace problems and nagging injuries and world hunger and deforestation and inequality and greed—and you just lose yourself in a vampire story with friends and family. Sometimes that’s just enough, and you’ll have plenty of fuel for a quick mental getaway with this stellar strain.

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September 29th, 2022
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