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WonderBrett OZK


Every strain from Wonderbrett looks like the type of beautiful buds you’d see strewn across the tables of a Seth Rogan photo shoot. OZK is no different, as its verdant nugs sport wild red hairs and are packed so heavily with trichomes you might wonder if there’s going to be a mini avalanche. This is a heavy indica strain produced from crossing two leading California favorites, Zkittlez and OG Kush. Expect a sweet and floral flavor profile that finishes with hints of pine. Smooth smoke will kick things off with a rush of creativity and euphoria before the sedative side takes over. Use this to quell any anxiety, relieve pain or address a decreased appetite.

Ranked 46 of 294 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 46 of 294 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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23.48% THC

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Zkittles, OG Kush

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WonderBrett OZK is a Mood-Boosting Masterpiece

A bright, heavy body high awaits those wanting a push for productivity

IN REVIEW: OZK is a blend of old and new with the best of OG Kush and Zkittles combining for a powerful 23.48% THC. This hybrid flower turns on creativity as fast as it turns off anxiety. The high is pleasant, euphoric and it’ll nip negativity in the bud while radiating a light cloud of productivity.

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed life in some way for nearly everyone, exactly what those changes are, and what they mean for the wellbeing of the person experiencing them, seem to exist on a sliding scale of “quarantine and chill” to “full-blown panic.”

Just when being stoned and alone for way too long had begun to take its toll, I found the cure-all to quarantine blues: Wonderbrett’s incredible flower, OZK. Known for rare genetics, exotic terpene profiles, and legend status in the industry, Wonderbrett is a favorite of mine.

Immediately, the greying confines of my quarantine world were rocketed into a land of rainbows.

I’d been failing to successfully navigate my neverending quarantined sadness. Life was passing fast, then slow. Days floated into one another as a steady stream of too many edibles glazed over my sentience, leaving me trapped in a black, mucky vortex of take-out sushi and “Real Housewives” reruns. I had fallen into the terrible habit of lying on my couch like a fat, spoiled cat. Deadlines passed, unfulfilled. Emails went unanswered. I finally decided to try to work on sampling some product, to help me feel at least a little more productive.

Upon opening the little black sample bag, I knew this flower was special. Aesthetically, the OZK nugs were bright and striking, radiating a pungent smell that was both sharp and floral. Excited for the first time in days, I loaded my favorite bong of the moment with a small bowl, perfect for a single, snappy poof. Immediately, the greying confines of my quarantine world were rocketed into a land of rainbows. A cross between two beloved Cali strains, Zkittles and OZ Kush, OZK has a more complex flavor, floral and fruity with a hint of pine, that felt most akin to a sip of fine wine. The high is equally epic, super cerebral, and mentally energizing, with a euphoric body high that melts away all feelings of physical and mental stress.

 It was as if someone turned on a creativity faucet that had no off switch.

In mere moments, I went from feeling like I was rolling a rock up a hill in Hades, to strolling through a garden on top of Mount Olympus. It was as if someone turned on a creativity faucet that had no off switch. With the crossing off of each “To Do” item I’d been procrastinating on, I felt the weight of guilt and boredom melt like the last snow lingering on the late-spring Sierra Nevadas.

To be blunt, I really am in love with this weed. I find it to be the perfect high, bringing you to a place of euphoria and productivity, while protecting you from the needless feelings of anxiety, sadness and self-doubt.

Aside from enjoying the high of OZK and all the trimmings of productivity I started to reap, this flower gave me a new perspective on the time we’re spending in quarantine as a whole. It’s a great opportunity to explore different strains, and see where your quarantine sweet spot is. I never would have thought the key to productivity would be found in a 23.5 percent THC indica flower.

So get out—or rather, stay in—and try something new. Thanks to OZK, you can shake up the banality of watching the world happen, without really being able to participate. And, that world might just be a little better on the other side.

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