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The pen is pretty intuitive. My mind feels calm, clear, and at ease.



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All-in-one vape pen designed for a single use. No battery needed, no charger, no hassle. Simply inhale (sometimes you'll press a button). Recycle when done.

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Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Humulene, a-Terpineol

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50 dose pen


The Vape Pen for Better, Hotter Sex

Whether you actually end up having sex or not.

Cannabis pairs well with most things. A dab before dinner. A bong pull before dessert. Why not? But weed and sex, man? I don’t know about that! Sex is usually tight enough on its own. So, too, is consuming marijuana. But the potential for disaster when combining the two is astronomical. Or it is in my case—just trust me on this one.

Enter the dosist Passion and Arouse vape pens, two concentrate delivery devices that provide “THC-driven formulas to increase sensuality, heighten your sexual experience, and enhance your excitement naturally.” This sounded like a no-brainer to me, but before I could try it out for myself, I wanted to get a little more background on the science behind the magic. Samantha Miller, Chief Science Officer at dosist, told me their concentrates “contain no fillers, or additives, other than the cannabinoid extract and terpenes. The formulas and the device come together in a great marriage to provide the targeted effects of the formula, applied in controlled doses.” Efficacy and reliability are two qualities we all want when choosing products to enhance sex stuff, and dosist’s specially blended formulas are designed to target your sex drive.

I must say, the pen is pretty intuitive.

I decided to share this elevated experience with a woman who has recently begun spending entire weekends in my company. The night we plan our experiment, I put on a record to set the mood because it can’t hurt, right? The lights are low, glowing in a lustrous purple-and-red hue. We’re feeling kind of groovy. We take a few hits from the Arouse pen, and I must say, the pen is pretty intuitive. You don’t have to wait for a light or press a button. You inhale the dose pens until they start vibrating. That vibrations tells you that a measured, targeted dose of the marijuana-sex-oil has been delivered to your endocannabinoid system. Nice.

Then my companion gets a work-related phone call. “Hold on,” my date says. “I have to answer this.”

The Arouse pen tests at 66.4% THC and 6.6% CBD. The 500mg of oil, meant to be consumed via a recommended three doses per hour, is infused with what dosist describes as “the plant’s arousal-enhancing cannabinoids.” Those would be caryophyllene, farnesene, linalool, a-humulene, and limonene. Caryophyllene, by the way, is what gives black pepper its spiciness. The more you know.

My companion finishes her phone call. I come back into the room. My bed makes a weird sound when I lie down. We unbox the Passion pen. Feelings of steaminess and/or grooviness resume. We each puff on the Passion pen for a few moments longer. Then my phone starts blowing up.

It’s my brother. We’ve been missing one another’s calls for weeks. “I have to take this,” I say.

It may actually have benefits beyond revving up your libido.

So I entrust the Passion pen to my date and leave the room. Passion contains the same terpene and cannabinoid ratios as Arouse, but it also contains myrcene. Myrcene has a bunch of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antioxidant benefits, so it may actually have benefits beyond revving up your libido. Coincidentally, sex is healthy, too. And cannabis, when consumed responsibly, isn’t bad for the human body, so maybe Passion is more of a health pen?

I’m on the phone for nearly an hour. When I come back, my date is wearing one of my sweatshirts, asleep. A Days of Our Lives episode plays on her cellphone.

With marijuana-fueled sex magic no longer in the cards, I take a few more doses from both the pens, eat a cold fajita, and watch from my balcony as a dense fog settles over Downtown Los Angeles, alerting me softly that it is time to fall asleep myself. My final impressions, drifting off, are that not only will dosist’s Arouse and Passion pens elevate sexual experiences, they will certainly make you feel, well, really good, even when life gets in the way. 

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