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AbsoluteXtracts 25mg THC Soft Gels


AbsoluteXtracts' 25mg Soft Gels pack a hefty dose of THC in every flavorless capsule. The result is absolutely intoxicating but remarkably soothing, so take one if you're in a lot of pain and don't mind being really high. Stay at home and relax in a hot bath before the high hits to maximize your relaxation. This is not a product for newbies.

Ranked 2 of 11 in Pills for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 2 of 11 in Pills for feeling Euphoric.

25mg THC Soft Gels
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24.63mg THC, 0.33mg CBD



Serving Size

1 softgel

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10 capsules (250mg THC)

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Cannabis oil, coconut oil, gelatin


An Absolute Snoozefest

AbsoluteXtracts delivers a relaxing and restful night’s sleep with its 25mg soft gel capsules.

IN REVIEW: Each of these AbsoluteXtracts Soft Gel capsules delivers 25mgs of THC for a potent experience that’ll help those suffering from sleeplessness or anxiety. This indica-leaning extract contains MCT oil, gelatin, water, glycerin, and cannabis oil for a product that's just as clean and clear as the high it provides. Each capsule should be taken with water, and you can expect the effects to take hold in as soon as fifteen minutes. So pop one, put on your favorite movie, and make sure you have your pillow handy.

I’m typically not a fan of swallowable edibles. They feel a little too clinical for me. But at 25mgs of THC, this little pill pushed my tolerance limits and then some. The onset was surprisingly quick. By the fifteen minute mark, this AbsoluteXtracts Soft Gel started working its magic, and I forgot all about how I don’t like to take my cannabis with a glass of water. After 45 minutes, I’d given up the fight and resigned myself to the sofa where I expected to remain for the rest of my life. I envisioned moss beginning to grow on me, as fabulous modern structures were erected around me and I became eternal as I lay with the resoluteness of Rip Van Winkle. To make a long story short, if it’s sleep you seek, you will find it in these potent and plush pills.

If it’s sleep you seek, you will find it in these potent and plush pills.

As someone with a mid to low tolerance for edibles, this shook me to my core, but it never reached that frightful stage of anxiety and paranoia. It was more like being pushed down an elevator shaft, but you manage to grab onto a conveniently placed umbrella as you just sail down comfortably to the ground floor like a hazy-eyed Mary Poppins. For those who aren’t into smoking or chomping down on sugary gummies shaped like various ursines or invertebrates, this gel capsule may be just the thing. A meat and potatoes high with no adverse effect on blood sugar or the pulmonary system.

This edible also had the added benefit of acting as a highly effective analgesic. I had some lingering back pain that’d been putting me out of commission, but by the first half hour of this high, all I could sense was a blissful buzz of electricity throughout my extremities. My back pain had all but ceased to torment me, and that’s a big plus for those seeking relief. And it did all this without leaving me feeling groggy or sedated. Same goes for when I woke up in the morning. I was hardly any worse for wear, and I was ready to charge the day. 

What this high does is simply whisk you away to a faraway land that knows little of my Earthly troubles. To that end, I could see this as an effective post-workout choice. Something that packs a psychoactive wallop, but also soothes the body and delivers the rest it craves. I also like that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. So if you’re health conscious, these are a fine choice.

The only thing resembling an adverse side effect is some dry mouth and a large case of the munchies. I ate almost an entire pineapple, and each bite tasted like pure heaven. This edible works best as a way to unwind and release the tension of the day. Light some candles, put on some easy listening jams, and if you’re super tacky like me, turn on your iridescent globe that reflects the constellations onto your bedroom ceiling. 

All I was missing was a Led Zeppelin blacklight poster and a Lava Lamp. At any rate, this turned me into mush before it slowly turned my lights out, and I really appreciated every bit of stimuli that helped add vibrancy to this deepening high.

 My back pain had all but ceased to torment me, and that’s a big plus for those seeking relief. 

As far as being productive and getting stuff done on this AbsoluteXtracts 25 milligrammer, it just ain’t happening. Unless you’re a high tolerance machine who scoffs at anything under fifty milligrams, you’re going to want to clear your schedule. There’s a moment of extended euphoria, but the great bulk of this high is spent parasailing towards sleepytown. It’s a great nighttime or couch-locked high that should give you a reprieve from physical ailments and mental stressors. 

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November 30th, 2022
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