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LEVEL's CBD ProTab capsules are made to swallow, not chew. They are THC-free, so you can expect a "highless" buzz, but don't underestimate the severe dose of relaxation this level of CBD can offer. These are good for fighting anxiety, boosting your mood, melting cramps away, or all of the above. Enjoy.

Ranked 3 of 34 in Pills for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 3 of 34 in Pills for feeling Relaxed.

CBD Protab
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25mg CBD



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1 ProTab

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10 ProTabs

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Microcrystalline, cellulose, delta-9 tetrahydrocannbinol, croscarmellose dioxide, magnesium stearate, steam distilled cannabis terpenoids


Cool, Collected And In Control

LEVEL’s CBD Protabs offer all of the help without a heavy traditional high.

IN REVIEW: These pills are the perfect partner for almost anything, as they'll quickly help you right the ship or make any good day great. Whether you need to relieve aches and anxiety or you're just looking for a mood boost and chill vibes to take you through the day, look no further. And while these are pretty potent as far as CBD is concerned, rest assured you won’t feel any heavy high that'll take you over the edge. Just pop one, sit back and settle into a state of bliss you don’t want to miss.

The cannabis experience was built for exploration, but that can come in a variety of forms. You’ve got flower, cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and all of the associated effects from each. And when you start to think you’ve wrapped your head around everything, bam, you discover the world of sublinguals. There truly is a product out there for everyone. One brand I’ve reached for over and over for relief, relaxation, a mood boost and much more is LEVEL. Particularly their ProTab Tablinguals. LEVEL, from San Francisco, is a science-driven cannabis company that’s created a range of products to help humans integrate cannabinoids into their daily life.

LEVEL was launched with one goal in mind: to create unique, targeted, effects-based cannabis products by formulating cannabinoids in ratios not accessible from the plant alone. The more rare cannabinoids they focus on are THCA, CBG, THCV, CBN and a potent Delta-8, creating a catalog with endless possibilities. This allows them to offer unique effects that help with everything from sleep and focus to social anxiety and suppressed appetites. Their goal is to create inclusive and precise products that fit any and everyone's needs.

Well that sounds great, especially for days filled with a bit more anxiety or stress than usual. Levels CEO and Chief Scientist is Chris Emerson, PhD, who decided to explore plant medicine and harness its benefits for daily life, offering consumers a healthier and more helpful option than traditional pharmaceuticals. “Chris decided to use his background in small molecule chemistry, molecular biology, and neuroscience to shape the lens through which LEVEL views and ultimately approaches the creation of cannabis products. In this way, LEVEL is able to deliver consistent, customizable effects you can’t find anywhere else.”

These take around 45 minutes to kick in for me, at which point I feel all of my stress begin to dissipate.

One of the products I keep with me at all times is LEVEL’s CBD ProTabs. There are 10 infused tablets in each sleek little box, with 25.8 mg of CBD per tablet. CBD is my go to for relieving stress and calming my mind, and I get all of the help without any sort of traditional or heavy high. Though it should be noted that this box has a little bit of a higher potency than some other CBD products, so I recommend you start with a lower dose and cut the tab in half. You can save the other for later in the day or another time, but it's always better to hold back at first, as this product can produce some sedating effects.

These tabs don’t really have a scent, making them nice and discreet, and a go-to for travelling if that's what you're looking for. As far as the intake experience goes, all you do is swallow the tab with your favorite beverage and wait for the magical effects to set in. They’re fairly flavorless and a little chalky, maybe a little earthiness comes through, but either way it’s recommended you just take it down. And as always, it’s a smart move to have a little food before you dive into the edible pool. These take around 45 minutes to kick in for me, at which point I feel all of my stress begin to dissipate. A soothing sensation takes over, and suddenly any aches I was dealing with are gone. While these make me limber, there’s a balanced energy that always keeps me focused and allows me to keep going on with my day.

CBD can be overpowering at times, but I feel like this is a nice sweet spot for consistent comfort. If you’ve never experimented with CBD, when you take the right dose it feels like you just finished a gentle yoga session or walked out of a massage. Just uplifting effects without any real drawbacks. I recommend these for everything from outdoor adventures to dealing with overwhelming anxious moments. Even aches and pains from chronic setbacks, or those caused from sitting just in a chair all day, are no match for these miracle tabs.

I recommend these for everything from outdoor adventures to dealing with overwhelming anxious moments.

The chill CBD vibes kept me cruisin’ along for a couple of hours. Even with outside stress trying to invade my personal bubble, the single tablet kept me calm and unphased as I chugged along. It wore off with ease as if my stress and aches were never there to begin with. I think another could have set me in the wrong direction towards sedation, so I’m glad I stopped at one. Though if you’re looking for extra strength pain relief, two should definitely do. I would highly recommend LEVEL’s complete catalog to anyone looking to incorporate cannabis into their daily life. Their products are simple, straightforward to use and easy to understand. Maybe start with these CBD ProTabs, but I’d suggest looking into their other, more rare cannabinoid products to explore the nearly endless possibilities they have to offer.

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November 30th, 2021
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