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MicroTabs Indica


Ranked 19 of 33 in Pills for feeling Relaxed.

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The Score

Ranked 19 of 33 in Pills for feeling Relaxed.

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10mg THC



Serving Size

1 tablet (10mg THC)

Package Contents/Qty

One 3g bottle (150mg THC)

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Keep Tabs on Your Day, and Your Dose

Swallow your worries and forget all your cares with these perfect little pills.

IN REVIEW: Microtabs offer a concealable, consistent high for both day and night. Pop their sativa pill to replace a cup of coffee in the morning, or replace your usual nighttime regimen of melatonin or ambien with their all-natural indica option. Keep in mind that these tabs dissolve quickly for rapid results, so no matter which side of the spectrum you’re approaching, know you'll get there fast.

Microtabs’ single-source, cannabis-infused tablets are a no fuss way to get a measured and reliable high. Each tablet contains 10mg of THC and should be taken with water. As a general rule, I’m skittish about consuming my cannabis like I consume my Tylenol, but one cannot argue with these results. To quote the great Abraham Lincoln, "It ain't the way you fill your gas tank that matters, it's the quality of the journey that makes all the difference, bruh." So I took those words to heart and set off on a two-parter that would begin with a Sativa tab after breakfast, and end with an Indica tab at night.

I started to feel waves of joy and a very discernable heightening of my senses. 

The Microtabs are conveniently scored in the middle so that you can go halfsies with a time-honored friend, or just swallow the entirety of the hexagonal shaped pill like I did. I’ve gotta give credit to this unconventional edible, as I found the onset to be a quick one. There is also something to be said for it's no frills, get-right-to-the-point way of getting you high. They’re a very meat and potatoes approach to cannabis that could be well suited for the purist, no-nonsense types.

Of course there is a whole other segment of the population who eschew the effects of inhaling any plant matter into their lungs, and those of you can find a home with MicroTabs. The same applies for anyone seeking non-sugary edibles. Getting high shouldn't be synonymous with getting horizontal. Sometimes you just want it straight up, like a futuristic James Bond: "I'll have a marijuana buzz, hold the lighter and corn syrup."

My experience started a mere 20 minutes after ingesting the 10mg Sativa MicroTab. I started to feel waves of joy and a very discernable heightening of my senses. This was intertwined with a burst of goodwill that translated into me putting away laundry and dirty dishes first thing in the morning. Basically, everything that I should have done the night prior. In a way, this high was coaxing me out of an apathetic daze, and as a result, it helped me realize very basic principles of household tranquility—like clean up after yourself or your wife will vanquish you. A quick thank you to Microtabs may be warranted for that.

I even went that extra inch and swept our patio. A chore I was never even instructed to do! So it could also be said that this high helps you get creative, even if only to ingratiate yourself to those who have to live with you. The Sativa MicroTab delivered a clear-headed, early morning energy boost that never felt jittery or paranoiac. The comedown was seamless and set me up perfectly for my late-night 10mg Indica MicroTab jamboree.

If you are looking for energy and gratitude, or some rest and relaxation, these tablets will serve you well.

This heavier option had a very similar rapid onset to its sativa counterpart. After about 20 minutes I could sense a light body buzz that slowly crept its way up to my head. Then, like pure magic, my dog must have sensed it too because he jumped up on the couch and crept around my shoulders so that I was now using him as the greatest pillow in town. It was a fortuitous moment that I realize the dogless may not get to experience, in which case just seek out a giant pillow and pretend it's your favorite animal and that you are chewing wheat on a farm somewhere nestled up against a giant haystack—basically that your life is really an Andrew Wyeth painting. Then, let the Indica MicroTab just do its thing.

Besides unshackling my mind, this high also had the added benefit of helping me gain some relief from my busted ankle. A lingering pain that I am always grateful to forget. The experience left me with minor cottonmouth and a formidable appetite. After prying myself off the couch, I annihilated leftover Chinese food and soon reposed myself back in front of the television. I then set sail on a true crime show binge that was the perfect combination of relaxation and stress free diversion. I don't remember falling asleep, but I do know I got a good deal of it.

Both the Sativa and Indica MicroTabs work as advertised. If you are looking for energy and gratitude, or some rest and relaxation, these tablets will serve you well. For those who are not generally fond of smoking or eating sweets, MicroTab makes a big impression in the field of 10mg options. Count on these for reliable highs with gratitude inducing undertones, and take ‘em alone, or share with a friend for a lighter and more communal buzz.

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September 20th, 2020
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