30:1 CBD:THC Releaf Capsules - 7 Count



Product Details

1.4mg THC, 28.5mg CBD
Serving Size
1 capsule
Coconut oil, cannabis

Product Description

Papa & Barkley's 30:1 CBD:THC Releaf Capsule is calm and soothing. Swallow, don't chew, or you'll end up with a bitter, earthy taste in your mouth. If you're feeling stressed, these can mellow you out because they tend to clear your head. Try one on an afternoon requiring focus.

Effects Profile

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About Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is a leading manufacturer of cannabis-infused topicals that provide immediate physical comfort and pain relief. The company was founded by Adam Grossman, who was inspired by his critically ill father's experience with a topical he created that helped ease his chronic pain, regain mobility and ultimately return home to be reunited with his beloved dog, Barkley. This topical would go on to become the first ever P&B Releaf Balm, which has since helped countless more find comfort along the way.