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Ranked 127 of 254 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 127 of 254 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Slurricane 5 Pack
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17.58% THC, 0.03% CBD

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Discover The Loaded Pack That Keeps Giving Back

Each of these premium pre-roll packs offers five opportunities to relax, focus and live in the moment.

IN REVIEW: Cannafornia’s Slurricane Pre-Rolls offer balanced and relaxing effects, and a sweet and earthy aroma that’s inviting any time of day. Each pack contains five full-gram joints, so keeping one around means you're locked and loaded for any occasion. Be it a game night, hike or hitting a concert, these will have you uplifted, euphoric and happy while you groove through whatever you choose to do. Share with friends for lighter effects, or take one down solo for a heavier high that’ll stick with you through your day. Either way, these don’t bog you down as they fade, so smoke with confidence.

My cannabis consuming habits change here and there, and I’ve been on a pre-roll program for a minute. Sometimes I’m more in the mood for a bong rip, but pre-rolls offer a solid smoking experience without any hassle. And while I have my favorite go-to products, I’m always open to trying new and tasty brands.

I recently came across Cannafornia out of Salinas, CA, and they take care of everything on one site. Their farm cultivates and manufactures clean, high-quality cannabis products. They take pride in where they grow, and when you read their bio it’s easy to see why. “Nestled in the heart of Monterey County lies the Salinas Valley; an agricultural paradise of fertile soil and salty air. As ‘The Salad Bowl’ of the world, the region is responsible for over 70% of the country’s lettuce crops. Its abundant sunshine and temperate sea breeze make it the perfect micro-climate for growing – and it’s why we chose to plant our roots here.” Seems like the perfect place to grow this wonderful plant.

The flower tasted sour yet creamy; almost like a tart, fruit-filled pastry.

Cannafornia offers several different products in almost every form. They have pre-rolls both solo and in packs, premium flower in glass ⅛ jars and full ounces, and luscious sauce carts for the more modern smoker on the go. No matter the product, the packaging is vibrant, earthy and discreet. Cannafornia uses rice paper wraps on their pre-rolls, which is a nice, health-conscious touch. I had the pleasure of rating their Slurricane 5 Pack of indica-leaning joints, which is a cross between Do-Si-Do and Purple Punch and packs in 17.58% THC and .03% CBD.

I’m a yoga teacher and have my studio at home, and this pre-roll seemed tailor-made to enjoy while I practiced gentle-flow routines. I’d been working so much lately that my personal practice had taken a back seat. There seemed like no better time to get back into it than with this Slurricane pre-roll that was ready to help me relax.

Yoga and cannabis go hand in hand, and using them together can help guide you into a deeper level of focus while you practice. Upon opening the pack, an herbaceous aroma filled the air. I lit it up with a hemp wick and took an expansive inhale. It’s a little bitter in taste, which I assumed was from the rice paper, but it at least burned evenly. The flower tasted sour yet creamy; almost like a tart, fruit-filled pastry. The smokability was top-notch, and the pulls were smooth and inviting. I couldn’t help but smoke more than I’d planned. I feel like one-gram pre-rolls are a little big for my taste, but it was perfect to dive deep into relaxation nonetheless. After some meditation, I started to feel mellow, my tension was gone, and I was ready to focus on my practice.

I tapped into the energy that goes from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, and it was euphoric.

When smoking and doing yoga, you start to feel a sense of oneness with the earth, which helped bring me back to my mat to leave me centered and grounded. My mind started to become clear of stress and doubt. I went through a gentle stretch sequence, and throughout each posture, I felt every individual movement. This pre-roll helped me connect all the dots. I tapped into the energy that goes from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, and it was euphoric, calming, and uplifting. After finishing my stretches, I moved into a series of balance poses. It felt like a great time to spark up again to keep the good vibrations going! As I got into Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, which is where you take your big toe and extend one leg in front of you while standing, I added a twist in my torso towards my front leg. With my high becoming more developed, I was able to tap into my nervous system and feel every movement between each vertebra. My stance was grounded to my mat, and I felt secure.

I went through a couple more poses and ended with a nice cooldown. As I came back to reality, it was time to start working. My high persisted a bit before it just disappeared abruptly. This Cannafornia pre-roll helped me work on my strength, focus on my health, and made me feel dreamy! If you're not into yoga, this would be a rad go-to for a movie night, making a masterpiece, or just hanging with friends! Keep it chill. 

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July 29th, 2021
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