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East Fork Cultivars Balance Pre-Roll


East Fork Cultivars' Balance Pre-Rolls are loaded with CBD and just enough THC content to offer a silky, delicate high. It's this kind balance of cannabinoids that typically pushes your buzz from subtle and soothing to fresh-faced and motivated. A lot of people like it as a morning pick-me-up or as preparation for a spa day.

Ranked 13 of 19 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 13 of 19 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Focused.

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Balance Pre-Roll
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3.9% THC, 12% CBD

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Nice Tsunami

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Sun Grown

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One 0.5g joint


Balance Is The New Bliss

As an adult in tune with reality, this pre-roll delivered all the good vibes and none of the distractions.

It was while hanging out on a porch in proper mid-summer fashion that someone first passed me a bowl full of a non-intoxicating CBD strain. This was in the early days of the Pacific Northwest's recreational legalization, so it was most likely Cannatonic, arguably the most popular of the CBD strains. I recall balking once the bowl was revealed to be THC-free, having hit it several times under the assumption that I just had a concerningly high tolerance. I’m sure I made a snarky “what’s the point of this?” type comment. But I also recall quickly eschewing my weed-elitist attitude and giving into the mollifying effects of the CBD, which included but were not limited to: a serene mood boost, a sudden clarity in both my mind and body, and an urgency to commit myself to bask in both the sunshine and the company of my friends. The only “high” was of the “on life” variety. It was as if the CBD had removed all the self-imposed barriers between me and actual bliss. The unforgettable satisfaction of that afternoon has been my CBD benchmark, and East Fork Cultivars’ Balance Pre-Roll exceeded my every expectation.

The immediate effect was a refreshing splash of cold water on my face.

East Fork Cultivars’ Balance utilizes sun-ripened Nice Tsunami, a hybrid strain. It’s the thoughtfully slight 3.9% THC juxtaposed with 12% CBD that gives this 0.5g pre-roll its namesake harmony. The flash of THC afforded a modest psychoactive boost that propelled the CBD from soothing clarity to jazzy creativity, feathering the effects for a pacifying landscape that was at once inspiring and calming. The perfume, the inhale, and the exhale were all earthy, with the citrusy twang of freshly cut grass. The smoke was rich without being too heavy, making for a smooth, comfortable drag that filled the chest without phlegmy agitation.

I auditioned this pre-roll first thing in the morning with the intent of maximizing the CBD’s clarifying effects and getting the most out of my day. The immediate effect was a refreshing splash of cold water on my face; it cleared the sleepy fuzz from my periphery, slapping me awake with a cool, satin hand. I’m not one for getting slapped around or splashed with cold water, but this was sublime and so much better than a shot of espresso. Instead of my usual pre-coffee sluggish malaise and my post-coffee electric apathy, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to own the day. Look, I hate mornings. It’s one of the primary reasons I’m a writer and not your mom’s secretary, but a few hits from this CBD-forward pre-roll had me singing Good Morning Starshine before I’d even put real pants on. That is nothing short of a miracle.

The few hours of my day this pre-roll affected were bubbling with productivity and focus.

The few hours of my day this pre-roll affected were bubbling with productivity and focus; but it was the delightfully sheer psychotropic high—as ephemeral as the lingering steam from a hot cup of tea—that made this experience so commendable. I have no issues with being a bumbling stoner in public, but it’s just as satisfying for those stoney effects to be my little secret instead of a billboard I project between my two bloodshot eyes.

On my second round of testing East Fork Cultivars’ Balance Pre-Roll, I decided to turn the volume up on the THC, so to speak, by affording the joint an epilogue of modest hits of my own homegrown sativa hybrid. The two strains were completely complimentary, the buzzy sativa gave me the chest-swelling THC high I love so much, while the CBD grounded me and kept the head high crystal clear. It was a combination that brought out the best of two forms of cannabis that typically stand on their own.

Hey, I appreciate getting crippled by weed every once in a while, but I am more attracted to the products that seem to support my cognition, energize me, and quiet my messy, anxious, frightened inner monologue. Neither THC or CBD alone can perform this feat, only the sum of their parts can get me there. East Fork Cultivars’ Balance joint has the stoney afterburn that made me love weed in the first place, the therapeutic CBD to ground that high in my very adult reality, and the price point ($8) that jibes with both my adolescent inner stoner and my grown-ass, budget-minded self. 

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