El Blunto | Cullinan Diamond Infused Cannagar



Product Description

Infused with premium cannabis diamonds ----- Cullinan is a proprietary and award-winning strain from Albert Einstone’s. It is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing Biscotti and GG #4. The Cullinan strain will leave you feeling relaxed, creative, tingly from head to toe and possibly even glued to the couch! The effects of this strain are known to creep up on you, so it’s recommended that you take it slow. It has flavors of sweet cookies and pine with diesel undertones. Feelings: Tingly, Hungry Negatives: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes Helps: Stress, Anxiety 7/10 Calming 9/10 THC Contains 2g of full flower nugs infused with premium cannabis diamonds (14.5% diamonds), broken down by hand (never ground), hand rolled in tobacco-free all-natural hemp wraps, finished with custom glass filter tips, and encased in a re-sealable glass jar. www.elblunto.com El Bluntito is an Albert Einstone's Brand