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Henry's Original Thin Mint GSC Premium Cannabis Smokes


These Thin Mint GSC Premium Cannabis Smokes come with an herbal flavor and smooth smoke. The high tends to be more subtle in the body, and the head buzz is uplifting. This is easy to smoke and provides a good happy buzz that can be perfect for a night with friends. Light this joint up around a bonfire or during game night and enjoy.

Ranked 48 of 100 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 48 of 100 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Thin Mint GSC Premium Cannabis Smokes
Product Information

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16% THC

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Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, OG Kush

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Four 0.5g joints


Munchies To See You Through Grey, Rainy Days

What more do you need, really, than a strong appetite and bad '80s comedies?

I recently took a trip up to San Francisco to attend a college friend’s wedding. My boyfriend and I were grateful that a couple of our good friends had invited us to stay with them in their Hayes Valley apartment. It was our last day in town and we had planned to spend it at the de Young Museum, but it ended up being a super grey, rainy afternoon. We took this as the perfect excuse to hang back at our friends’ place and nurse the minor hangovers we incurred at the wedding the night before.

As we settled into the couch, my friend Mallory whipped up some veggie soup for us. Mallory and I share a mutual love of cannabis, and it’s truly bonded us over the years. Mallory has an amazing eye for stoner accessories and every time I visit, she has a new bejeweled lighter or vintage cigarette case to show off. Always ahead of the trend, Mallory was the first person I knew to carry a vape pen circa 2012. Lucky for me, she also has a habit of generously passing out joints to her friends. I was happy to return the favor on this particular rainy Sunday by sharing a Henry’s Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies pre-roll with her.

I felt a pleasantly warm feeling course throughout my body.

As a former Girl Scout and lifelong fan of Thin Mints, I had high expectations for the joint’s flavor. On the first inhale I picked up a spicy, sweet taste that I enjoyed, but it reminded me more of chai tea than a Thin Mint cookie. The smoke consistency was very smooth and rich, characteristics I don’t often get from pre-rolls. Within the first few minutes after smoking, I felt a pleasantly warm feeling course throughout my body like I’d just been tucked under a down comforter. I noticed my mood began to lift and the fatigue from my hangover was gradually subsiding.

We spent a good twenty minutes searching for the perfect movie to watch before deciding on Harry and the Hendersons, the 1987 John Lithgow comedy about a family who encounters Bigfoot on their summer vacation. I know, I know. We were absolutely stoned. That said, the oddball comedy was strangely engrossing and the perfect complement to the silly, relaxed high we felt. And seeing John Lithgow before he went completely grey is fascinating in itself.

About an hour into the movie, the munchies crept up on us without warning. A second helping of veggie soup did nothing to quell the cravings, so we soon found ourselves hitting the streets in search of tofu banh mi. I devoured my sandwich with glee, savoring every bite. And no sooner had I finished the sandwich, I found myself craving Thin Mint cookies. The seed had been planted from the moment I read the strain of the pre-roll, but sadly, a peppermint patty from a bodega would have to do.

These joints would be absolutely perfect for an intimate dinner party with friends.

I think it goes without saying that these Thin Mint GSC pre-rolls are excellent at helping you build up an appetite or appreciate the flavors of a meal. These joints would be absolutely perfect for an intimate dinner party with friends. Alternatively, if you find yourself hurting after a night of debauchery, I’m sure they could soothe your soul and help you feel a bit more human. Still, I would caution the novice consumer to tread carefully as the effects of this pre-roll were strong and immediate.

For those who like to be in the know, Henry’s Original joints come from a family-run farm in Mendocino County. Their cannabis is Clean Green Certified, meaning it’s grown organically and tested for pesticides, diseases, and mold. Each box of Thin Mint GSC Premium pre-rolls contains four half-gram joints. Would I recommend these pre-rolls? Absolutely. Would I recommend Harry and the Hendersons? Absolutely not (unless you’re high as a jet-propelled rocket).

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