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Jeeter Jeeter OG Pre-Roll


Ranked 73 of 122 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 73 of 122 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Jeeter OG Pre-Roll
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


23.8% THC

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One 1g joint


Jeeter OG Pre-Roll Offers Clear, Peaceful Mindfulness

Take a meditative spin with this introspective joint

IN REVIEW: Jeeter came through with this one, offering a powerful yet smooth OG pre-roll you’ll want to start keeping around. This single-strain, stress-suppressing joint will become your best friend on solo journeys. Though as with all weed, sharing is never a bad calljust know this joint can get it, so let any less seasoned smoker in the circle know they should tread lightly.

Jeeter's OG Pre-Roll is a single origin flower that weighs in at a very respectable 23.8 percent THC. This was as smooth-hitting a joint as you are likely to find, and the herbal and pepper notes rang as true as an Italian chef’s spice rack. Because I didn’t want to smoke up the house, I enjoyed this outside for a walk with my dog. There is a section of my street where there are no houses, making for the perfect little area to smoke some bud without being judged. I affectionately refer to this stretch of land as “Bong Alley,” given that I once saw an intrepid fellow hitting what looked to be a two-foot water pipe in the backseat of a tricked out Chevy Nova nearby. I frequently catch fellow budsmen smoking their wares here, and it’s a nice sort of mutual camaraderie in the face of rigid mores and antiquated laws.

As a stress reliever, this was nothing short of a miracle flower.

The problem this day was that everyone was seemingly out and about, given that people were getting stir crazy with some of the stay home orders due to the coronavirus. After getting halfway done with the joint, however, I couldn't care less. I was in my own world, and no amount of judgmental stares was going to dissuade me from enjoying this joint — and enjoy it, I did.

As a stress reliever, this was nothing short of a miracle flower. While I had been consumed with the news of the day and filled with anxiety only a short 15 minutes ago, I was now deeply entrenched with a sense of well being and joy. My, what a difference a pre-roll makes. This Jeeter OG came as a welcome respite from the madness; the trappings of everyday worries and concerns just seemed to melt away.

My dog was also seeing the benefits of my sudden devil-may-care attitude. When his floppy ears sprung up at the sight of his arch-nemesis, the squirrel, I let him have his fun and unleashed him to give chase. He flew through a thicket of bushes like a bat out of hell, sprinting much further away on a leafy hill near some townhomes. Having lost sight of him, I started to trudge after him, having one last toke and calling his name. He materialized out of nowhere — I suddenly turned around, and there he was, wagging his tail. I laughed pretty hard. It was just one of those carefree moments caught in time where nothing really exists or matters except the moment itself.

This seemed like a high perfectly suited for silent introspection or enjoying the quiet of nature. 

As I leashed up the furry monster once more, I settled into a meditative walk. The trees were as vibrant green as ever, and the blue sky shone like a sapphire. Small flowers caught my attention, and even signposts took on a new luster. I was enveloped with beauty and appreciation for the things I normally take for granted. This Jeeter joint was bringing up a genuine sense of renewal and happiness.

I floated home on a cloud of positive vibrations and relaxing forethought. This seemed like a high perfectly suited for silent introspection or enjoying the quiet of nature. It made me wish I was out camping, or splayed out on a wooden dock on a secluded lake somewhere.

When I arrived home and fed the dog, I retired to the bedroom and resigned myself to an evening of loafing around. The sedative-like effects of the Jeeter joint were making themselves known, and I wasn’t about to fight the feeling. I dozed off for a good hour, and when I awoke it took me a few seconds to realize what planet I was still on.

The best feature of this smooth-hitting pre-roll was not so much what it instilled in me, as much as what it didn’t allow to creep back into my mind. In the three hours of this peak high, I wasn’t obsessed about the pandemic, or my economic prospects, or the pain and suffering that is televised daily. That fact alone is what made this pre-roll worth its weight in green gold. 

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