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Old Pal’s Indica Pre-Rolls Leave Nothing Off Limits

Review by Katie Phillips

Sep 30, 2021 · 6 min read

Old Pal’s Indica Pre-rolls will help you support your mental wellness, or just settle in for the night.

IN REVIEW: If you’re looking for a mellow joint to share with friends, you know Old Pal has your back. With anxiety-busting qualities that will help you relax and take it all in, this two-pack will put you on a one way track to a zen garden in your mind. And just like everything else Old Pal puts out, these are affordable, accessible, and should be shared with all of the cannabis users in your smoking circle. So spark one up, pass it to your left, and let all of your worries dissipate with the smooth and satisfying smoke.

Hey, we made it through quarantine, the time we will all remember for so many reasons. The time in which we were all forced to become homebodies whether we liked it or not. We just got cozy, tried to keep calm, and did the best we could. With the help of a little cannabis from our favorite Old Pal, of course.

The planet's air was charged with a mosh of energy, and cheerful, positive vibes were hard to seek out. Whether your overall time was good or bad, everything seemed to inhabit a negative space, resulting in an unbalanced and overwhelming environment at times. There were just too many moments with too much to process, where I was being pulled in all directions mentally. It was a full-on, sensory system overload for this empath, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. But keeping an open relationship with cannabis and my consistently active lifestyle helped me keep my eye on the ball, and do a fairly decent job of keeping up with my mental wellness.

The new year offered a fresh start to move forward, and a commitment to come together and change things that weren’t welcome. An opportunity to focus on what matters, and create an inclusive environment without hate and bigotry, while also helping others achieve a more fulfilled human experience. It would be super rad if everyone had the opportunity to focus on self-care and mental wellness as we slowly reenter the world. And I thought that using cannabis responsibly and tapping into the beauty of plant medicine could be a solid start.

I also think that I‘ve found the perfect strain that can cater to everyone. The ideal strain to provide some much-needed relief in a gentle way. I’m always interested in strains that are balanced with soothing and uplifting sensations, tapping into that sweet spot of productivity and self-care. And for me, GMO Cookies is THAT strain. And this one, in particular, is an indica dominant strain grown outdoors by Old Pal, and yields 27.08% THC and a hint of CBD. A cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, this symbiotic combo couples relaxing vibes with steady concentration.

It was a sigh of relief in reefer form.

I decided to try this flower in a pre-roll, and these joyful j’s filled with Old Pal’s GMO Cookies were the treat I needed! Old Pal is a rad brand that produces high-quality, sunkissed flower crafted for optimal smokability. Each doob tube has two pre-rolls that are meant to be shared with a pal, so you and your bud can receive the ultimate benefits of this fine flower. It’s also a brand that is accessible to all with lower price points and a variety of products, while also helping create a more conscious and elevated community that aims to do good.

Old Pal also created Legalize Humanity, which is their way of giving back to the community through donations, and they encourage everyone to be a part of social justice events while actively bringing awareness to environmental and justice issues that will make a more sustainable life for all. Which is to say, they contribute to creating more human equality in this world, especially in the cannabis community. Old Pal has also started to work with Our Academy, a socially inclusive cannabis community, centering on minorities to support equity and uplift entrepreneurs in the LGBTQ+, immigrant, and refugee communities who have been impacted by the war on drugs.

Well, since you’ve gotten to know a little more about Old Pal, let's chat about how this flower really made my day. Before I even lit one of these pre-rolls up, I was faced with complex notes of diesel, fruit, and pepper. It was a pleasantly peaceful smoking experience that brought fruity and gassy notes with a rich peppery finish and even hints of coffee. The high came on quick in an intense way that left me uplifted. Like that feeling when your favorite song comes on.

With my mind clear and focused, this high was mellowing me out, but never felt too overpowering. It was a sigh of relief in reefer form. A good solid sesh of relaxation, with the perfect calm, stoney vibes. My lungs relaxed and felt like I could breathe deep, taking in an expansive breath of fresh air. It brought soothing and comforting energy, which makes room to let go of the aches that sat stagnant in my muscles. The perfect preroll for a restorative yoga practice and zoney meditation. And that is just what I did.

My high lasted just the right amount of time, and there were no lingering side effects. 

I found my perfect space and set up for a moment of zen. A mindful meditation and a limitless stretch. This GMO Cookies Pre-Roll was great to move through a restorative yoga flow, focusing on each individual component that completes a pose. Taking into account my breathing, balance, spatial awareness, and muscle connectivity, my energy aligned with the earth, my limbs reached through space, and my whole body felt elongated. This flower for sure emphasizes the charged energy that flows through the nervous system while taking up that negative space. I felt elevated, uplifted, and limitless in my movement. My high lasted just the right amount of time, and there were no lingering side effects. GMO cookies left the space with ease and left in its place a sense of calm.

I would highly recommend this Old Pal Pre-Roll to all. Even if you’re new to cannabis, just start small because you can always take another toke. Simply relax and focus on creative projects, or take some time out in nature to connect your body and mind with the beautiful environment. This is truly a pal that will get through, and I can’t thank them enough for coming through with one of my new favorite experiences with cannabis. Treat yourself, it's worth it. 

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Community Reviews

Really good value for the price! I tried these after a particularly stressful day. Immediate relief. I've gotten these twice. The first package was Purple Punch, and the second was GMO Cookies. Both excellent, but the GMO really stood out. I'm adding a couple of these to all my future orders.


Old Pal's products have been well received by the baby boomer generation, who appreciate the brand's simplicity and the fact that they remind them of how cannabis used to be. And while their products remain approachable and accessible, don't let that fool you into thinking they aren’t also high quality and fit for those who love a more potent experience. As they have fostered relationships and sourced from 150+ farms over the years, creating a selection and supply chain that’s second to none.