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Pacific Stone PR OG Pre-Rolls


Ranked 21 of 179 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 21 of 179 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Relaxed.

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PR OG Pre-Rolls
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15.01% THC

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Two 0.5g joints


Home Alone With Pacific Stone

Reach for this OG pre-roll when life takes a toll and succumb to a night full of self care.

IN REVIEW: This jovial joint provides upbeat and balanced effects perfect for winding down after a long day. While it only has 15.01% THC, the terpene profile is robust and will provide the relaxation and relief you both need and deserve. The approachable effects are perfect for any tolerance level, and the smooth pulls and inviting aroma will leave you wanting more. So stock up to take your next bubble bath or movie night to the next level

Today's cannabis market is filled with so many brands, especially in California. Whether you're looking for pain management, relief from stress and anxiety, a boost of energy or just want a recreational high, the California cannabis collective has you covered. After a long day of many activities and work, I tend to lean towards flower with relaxing properties. I often find myself looking for those chill vibes to calm my mind and stop it from going a mile a minute. I recently picked up a pre-roll from Pacific Stone, a brand I’ve enjoyed in the past. They planted their roots in Santa Barbara, and they’re all about creating an environment of, “Simple pleasures of shareable, memorial moments.” They’ve brought together their friends and family, “Who share a dynamic passion for growing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis.” 

An instant mellow cloud surrounded my being, and I could tell this was going to be a nice evening.

Their flower is sun-grown in greenhouses, which leads to a consistent, high-quality product at a low price. One thing I love about their pre-rolls is how perfectly sized they are. Not too big, not too small. As I opened the dube tube, floral and earthy terpenes created an aroma that quickly engulfed me. It provided a super inviting, indulgent and vibrant presence. This joint packs a punch, and my future looked to be full of chill vibes and a happy high. The strain you’ll find packed into these pre-rolls is Private Reserve OG, which is also known as known as OG #18—an indica-leaning hybrid. It brought about a mellow sedative vibe perfect for a night in, mindful meditation or relief from muscle aches.

Enough backstory, it was time to light up my joint, and it was such a lovely experience from the get go. It turned out to be a super smooth smoking experience, with velvety pulls and deep floral flavors layered between woodsy herbal notes. There was even a little sour bite. The caryophyllene and camphene terpenes seem to come through the most. An instant mellow cloud surrounded my being, and I could tell this was going to be a nice evening. It felt like I needed a super chill night filled with good food and a lighthearted documentary. Side note, If you're ever in Long Beach and find yourself looking for a unique pizza experience, look up Deans Thai Curry Pizza, it’s my favorite spot. 

My muscles were relaxed, my mind was at ease and I was feelin’ good. 

Anyway, I set myself up to dive deep into a relaxing evening as this wonderful, stoney vibe began to come through. I was overtaken by a welcomed sense of relief as any aches, pains and stress had left the vicinity. This PG OG Pre-Roll offered a fantastic high, not too heavy and not a waste of time. You might experience some slight dry mouth, but that’s an easy fix as a bottle of sparkling water solved this minor issue in no time. There weren't any other side effects that came to the surface, which to me is huge seeing as how I’m not a fan of indicas, or any flower that’s crazy strong for that matter.

I appreciate a good pre-roll. I love that they do the trick and you can get in and out and on with your day. Those floral notes give this a little extra nudge that takes the edge off and helps you avoid surrendering to stress. My stoney high stayed for a portion of my evening, and it would have been welcome to stay longer. My muscles were relaxed, my mind was at ease and I was feelin’ good. Eventually my chill vibes sailed away softly. There wasn’t a harsh departure, but a simple, “See ya later.” I wish I’d grabbed another PG OG pre-roll, as it quickly became a new favorite. Overall my evening was elevated and full of zoned-out moments thanks to Pacific Stone, and unfortunately we’re in a Covid world because I wish I could have shared the fun. I would highly recommend this strain for someone looking to sink into relaxation, manage aches and pains, binge watch a new documentary or dive deep into that mindful meditation.

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February 8th, 2023
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