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Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack


The Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack delivers five premium joints that carry an enticing chocolate flavor. From aroma to texture to taste to high, these are a perfect 10. The hybrid flower of the pre-rolls should leave you in a buzzy euphoria, heightening every sensation to a new degree. That makes this a versatile high, so absorb yourself in anything from a date night to new creative pursuits.

Ranked 2 of 286 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 2 of 286 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack
Product Information

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26.36% THC, 0.95% CBD

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Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint GSC.

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Sun Grown

Package Contents/Qty

Five 0.7g joints


An Intoxicating High That Feels Too Good To Be Legal

Did I mention this is really good weed? It’s really good weed.

Whether they’re rolled in an alleyway by a highly skilled friend or prepped and packed en masse by a brand, I do not discriminate when it comes to cannabis cigarettes. That said, I’ve smoked my fair share of inconsistently ground, poorly rolled, awkwardly burning jays and paid the price via a scratchy throat or jacket covered in ash. Right now we’re seeing a lot of pre-rolls enter the cannabis space that look really fucking cool but don’t necessarily deliver on the experience front. You know what I’m talking about: the cones stuffed with a random mix of low-quality buds and trim, the mislabeled packages that lead to many a disappointing mystery high, the poorly packed joints that don’t smoke right at all. Sure, embracing the unknown may be fine for the occasional house party joint, but expensive packs you buy with your hard-earned cash? Not so much.

The strain has simultaneously embedded itself in culture and remained shrouded in mystery.

There’s this common design principle that when something is well-crafted, its elements become practically invisible, allowing you to enjoy the experience at hand. I’m a design nerd at heart, which is why I’m always on the lookout for products that allow you to be blissfully ignorant of all the work that went into them. In my decade of experience smoking joints, I can honestly say I’ve never come across anything so perfectly designed as Sherbinskis’ Bacio Gelato pre-rolls. Which is funny because, according to Cannabis Now, Gelato stemmed from an accidental pollination at Sherbinksi’s grandmother’s house. A cross between the now famous Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies strains, Gelato is a hybrid that transcends indica-dominant couch-lock and sativa-dominant jitteriness for a perfectly balanced, euphoric high—something Young Dolph describes in so many words in his 2017 mixtape, Gelato. It’s no wonder, then, how the strain has simultaneously embedded itself in culture and remained shrouded in mystery.

If you care about your pre-rolls burning slowly and consistently, you’ll love Sherbinskis. If you favor a clean high that balances full-body relaxation with mental euphoria, you’ll love Sherbinskis. If you’re looking for a pre-roll you could just as easily pair with a Netflix binge as you could a night on the town, guess what, Sherbinskis is the one for you. As someone who can smoke half a joint with ease but taps out at 5mg of THC when it comes to edibles, these pre-rolls struck just the right potency for me no matter how much I smoked. One hit brightened my mood, ten hits elevated my consciousness, and twenty took me to a new universe altogether—in the most pleasant way imaginable. For this reason, I could see these pre-rolls pairing well with sex, Melanie Griffith movies, sushi, Rice Krispie treats, memes, discussions with your roommate about what your personal cult would look like—all of which I tried myself while imbibing with Sherbinskis.

These pre-rolls struck just the right potency for me no matter how much I smoked.

Listen, I’m no scent connoisseur, but I noticed right away these pre-rolls have a pungent, minty, citrusy aroma with undertones of chocolate and leather. This was the first indication the high would have a healthy balance of body and head effects. These notes carried over into the smoke I inhaled, making for a bright, creamy flavor that lingered in my mouth like a spoonful of mint chip ice cream. Because the smoke was so smooth and the flavors were so refreshing, I didn’t feel the urge to reach for a sip of water as I typically do with harsher, less flavorful pre-rolls. The smoke didn’t leave behind the charred plant matter aftertaste I’ve come to expect either. Obviously, I wanted to keep smoking and finish the whole joint for the flavor alone, but I restrained myself to a couple puffs at first to assess the effects.

Almost immediately, I felt a potent head high with some subtle ocular brightening. The spreadsheet I was using to take notes suddenly looked more interesting than it had half a minute before, and the Tame Impala album I’ve listened to 1,001 times was really doing it for me. Soon after, a tingly buzz spread from the top of my head to my fingertips and toes. All my minor aches and pains evaporated, leaving me mellowed out but still sensitive to touch. I got a little nervous when the sudden rush of euphoria caused my stomach to clench. This quickly dissipated when I reminded my body I wasn’t rubbing MDMA on my gums in a sticky nightclub bathroom but smoking really good weed from the comfort of my bed. Did I mention this is really good weed? It’s really good weed.

At $65 per five-joint tin, these pre-rolls might be more expensive than the average pack, but trust me when I say they’re worth every penny. Despite looking like your average pre-roll on the outside, inside they contain some of the highest-grade cannabis on the market. The only downside is their limited availability. Sherbinskis is a notoriously secretive brand with a static splash page for a website. Similarly, they don’t include any strain or THC percentage information on their packaging, forcing consumers to rely on recommendations or their own investigative skills to know what they’re smoking. For a perfect product experience-wise, they have a long way to go on in terms of transparency. But if you’re looking for an intoxicating high that feels too good to be legal, I’d say go ahead and give Sherbinskis’ pre-rolls a try. 

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January 28th, 2021

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