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Space Coyote Indica Live Resin 5-Pack


Ranked 31 of 254 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 31 of 254 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Indica Live Resin 5-Pack
Product Information

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25.6% THC

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Strawnana, PB Souffle

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Five 0.5g joints


Kick Back With A Pre-Roll Pack

This collab between FIELD and Space Coyote offers a cosmic experience right from your couch.

IN REVIEW: Space Coyote and FIELD Extracts teamed up to offer us a five pack of indica-leaning mini joints that’ll help you end your day the right way. With single-origin Strawnana, PB Souffle live resin and 25.6% THC packed into each pre-roll, you’re guaranteed a cosmic experience every time you light up. Keep this terpene-heavy pack handy to wind down after work, or reach for it when you need to kick any aches, pains or anxiety to the curb. The aroma is sweet, the pulls are smooth, and the effects are something to remember.

When I practice yoga, my setting is of the utmost importance. I want to let go of any stress, anxious thoughts, aches or pains and settle into my mind. I find cannabis to be a great partner for diving into my practice of being “in the now.” I pick out some chill sounds to put on, something with complex peaceful vibrations, and get comfortable and grounded. Best of all, there’s a flower for every type of yoga practice. Though for this one in particular I wanted something uplifting that still provided a bit of relaxation. A nice balance if you will, and I landed on a pre-roll by Space Coyote that’s been infused with FIELD live resin.

Space Coyote is a far out brand from California that often collaborates with exceptional concentrate companies to create cosmically stoney vibes. They’re also all about sustainability, and they do their part to lower their impact on the earth by buying sungrown herb as much as possible, and designing open-source, low-impact packaging. I love it when my ganja gives back. Each of their delicious joints is filled with a 100% cosmic combination of herb and extract for a super smooth, incredible high.

I enjoyed this pre-roll, which is filled with an herbaceous Strawnana strain that’s infused with a PB Soufflé Live Resin. As soon as you open the tin, you’re presented with fresh, sweet, earthy, and floral notes. This pre-roll is packed with the terpenes caryophyllene and myrcene, and their scents of warm cinnamon and cloves shine through. It all seemed to foreshadow the soothing experience ahead.

Each of these sleek, compact tins comes with five half-gram pre-rolls. I do appreciate that each joint only has a half gram, as anything infused this heavily would surely be wasted on a solo sesh if it were any bigger. This flower from Connected is fresh, and the FIELD PB Soufflé Live Resin is potent, making for the ideal sort of California collaboration. The overall experience is indica dominant, but with an even-keeled relaxation that just sort of slowly sends you to the moon on a cosmic cruise.

This flower is a wonderful partner for yoga or meditation.

It was a truly funky, spacy kind of sesh, and the pre-roll burned beautifully. It was a super gentle, earthy and smooth smoking experience that never felt too heavy, or burned too hot. Those sweet and fruity notes of strawberry will wake your pallet up before the herbaceous terpenes take things to another level of exhilaration. It was a complex flavor profile that you don’t often find in a pre-roll. Space Coyote just does things right on every level, and I would highly recommend this brand on smokability alone.

I started to feel a sense of relief and relaxation. My high came in and shared space with me on my mat. I felt soothed and able to expand my breath. My movements were free, without any restrictions from aches and pains. I was glazed with euphoria and an uplifting ease. This flower is a wonderful partner for yoga or meditation, and it helped me deepen my practice. I was able to go further in my stretch and find the full potential of the muscle memory I’d established in years past.

As I stood in crescent lunge, which is the warrior one pose, I felt focused and in tune. My front leg was bent and my back leg was straight, hips to the front of the room, arms over head reaching to the universe. I felt the energy from my fingertips straight through to the sky, and then I brought my hands together at the heart's center. As I twisted to the right over my front knee, I felt room between each vertebra. This flower helped me tap into that sensation of feeling each bone in my back, and twisting even further than normal. My nerves were calmed, and it was almost like this pre-roll wrapped me in a cloud, leaving me light and airy.

I’d tapped into my life force, with my chest expanding fully on every inhale.

Everything slowed down in a gentle way, and I was left to feel the generosity of the universe. I’d tapped into my life force, with my chest expanding fully on every inhale. I was letting go of toxins, nervousness, stress, and negative energy, and was able to be in the moment. Whether you’re looking to start your day or end your evening, this pre-roll will help you do so the right way. My mellow high just continued to flow beside me before it left with grace. Space Coyote and FIELD delivered with a flavorful terpene profile and cosmic smoking experience. You can tell they really take pride in providing a wonderful product. Take this pre-roll pack on the road for an outdoor adventure, or enjoy them during an active home workout that needs a bit of soothing energy. They’re also great for working around the house or watching your favorite shows. In the end, they’re just an overall wonderful experience that everyone should enjoy!

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July 27th, 2021
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