Jack Herer Infused Pre-Roll 5 Pack


Product Details

15.3% THC
Sweet, Spices

Product Description

Stone Road’s 100% organic, sun grown buds are always a crowd pleaser. Jack Herer has been a go-to favorite for energetic, euphoric and brain-fog-lifting highs since the 90’s. These joints burn evenly from first flame to final flicker and the infused hash provides an extra kick. The high is usually heavier in the head and short lived, but the effects come fast and you’ll find yourself alert while riding a wave of energetic creativity. The lack of a heavy body high means no grogginess or noticeable comedown, so reach for another joint, or go about the rest of your day no worse for the wear.

Effects Profile

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About Stone Road

For Stone Road, quality is about purity, attention to detail, and kindness to the Earth. Every single joint is triple-checked, so that they get to feel good and you get to feel even better. Delicious, sustainably grown flower wrapped in french papers for a price everyone can enjoy.